Hoosier Dome
January 26, 2019


Hoosier Dome
1627 Prospect Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46203, US


Saturday, January 26, 2019
6:30 PM

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Contra on Thrillcall: concerts, tour dates, & shows

Contra Biography

There are at least nine "Contra's", they will all be dealt with below. 1. Contra was a hardcore/punk band from Long Island, New York. They formed around 1997/98 and at the time were Jon Berg, Steve Andolfo, Anthony Greco, and Craig Hughes. They toured a few times, released a couple of records on Traffic Violation records, and defined what hardcore and punk was about for a lot of people on Long Island for a long time. They acquired other members throughout their time, sharing members with bands like Uplift, Fellow Project, The Insurgent, and probably a few others. They are broken up for good. 2. Contra is a Hardcore-Metal band, formed in 2004 in Ventura, California, USA. Combining brutal breakdowns, headspinning circle pits, and ground shaking two step. The band is known for their uncompromising violent shows, and crowd abuse. The band has built itself on a strong D.I.Y. work ethic since their early development. Band members include BJ Ordonez (vocalist), Kevin Brooks(guitar), Luke Matsuk (guitar), and Richard Urbina (bass). On August 30th, 2005, the band released their first EP, This Machine Kills, on Mediaskare/Koch Records which was produced by Logan Mader (Soulfly/Machinehead). 3. Contra is also an artist from the Dtrash label ( Contra's first release was in Februari 2001, with his album "Nemesis Enforcer", many were to follow. Later on Contra also started his own sub-label within the Dtrash community, located at What kind of music can you expect from Contra? From psycho breakcore to strange apocalyptical ambience, everything's there. Hard to put into words, just how he, himself, likes it. If you want to read more about the artist, including other releases of the artist, check his own post @ his Dtrash Artist Page. 4. There is another "Contra" based in Portsmouth in the UK ( Formed in February 2000, Contra's explosive live performances, coupled with clever songwriting and an intense passion for the music they create, has led to a string of sellout shows across the South. Within months of getting together they were blowing the crowd away in the finals of the Battle of the Bands at Portsmouths Wedgewood Rooms, following up by supporting acts such as Tribute to Nothing and My Deaf Audio (both on Lockjaw Records), along with Miss Black America, Scenes and Five Knuckle. Having played support slots on the Metal Hammer Tour, their exciting and energetic live shows regularly see crowds fighting to get their hands on the latest demo, Illuminati, ensuring that not a single copy is left behind at the end of the night. And their popularity is spreading fast. The Highbury Garage, The Water Rats, 333 Bar, Belushi's, Hayfield, Northampton Roadmenders and McClusky's are just a few of the venues to have played host to Contra's fierce and fiery act. And it doesn't stop there. Having honed their skills at the British Academy of New Music they found themselves rocking the crowd at Leicester's Demontford Hall at the National Festival of New Music just two years ago, the two-hundred strong audience reeling with wonder at the sheer force of yet another striking performance. Radio, too, has found their sound increasingly popular. Since their debut on Radio One they can be heard all over the country on a host of University and Union stations, as well as having stolen airtime on Total Rock Radio last year. Their latest sellout gigs include support slots with Million Dead and Sparta in October. To quote one awestruck fan. "You come to these things expecting the support to be crap. In [Contra's] case, they played better than [the band I came to see]. I'll definitely be coming to see them again." So, with their fanbase growing at an exponential rate, surely it won't be long before they score the record deal they so badly deserve? Keep listening, Contra's big break is just around the corner. 5. Contra is a band from Poland, formed in 1995 ( They play mix of rock, funk, hip-hop, trip-hop, jungle, reggae, core, dub, trance, techno. They released an album in 2003 - "Zmienne nastroje rytmów nowoczesnych". 6. Contra from Sweden consists of Johannes Tsagarakis and Karl Risenfors who produce mainly techno and house in various forms. Inspired by minimalism, they produce techno and house with focus on long breakdowns and buildups. As for their musical philosophy, even the smallest musical units are important in their arrangements. During 2008 they have written tunes such as "Strato", the minimalistic "S.P.Q.R." and "Leader", More recently the fellas have produced tunes called "Lowrises", "Towers" and "Re Up". If you want to contact Contra and/or listen to their tunes then go to 7. Contra was a pop-punk band from Westford, MA in early 2000's. They consisted of Peimon Abdollahian on Guitar and Vocals, Jeff Golay on guitar, Ravi Vasudevan on drums and Tim Welch on bass. They released "We Must Attack Aggressively" and disbanded shortly after. 8. Contra (Margus Konnula) is an Estonian poet, writer and stage-artist, known for his witty texts and use of Võro language. 9. Contra was also a diy, underground, punk rock band from Chicago, sometime during the early 2000's. The percussion section of the band consisted of Seth Sher of The Coughs banging on pots and pans. Dave Fried sang vocals and Calvin Chaos played guitar. The band is now defunct.