Friends, Lenny White
Center for the Arts
April 26, 2019


Center for the Arts
Northampton, MA, 01060, US


Friday, April 26, 2019

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Friends Biography

Friends is a name of at least eleven entities: [1] A New York, USA dance-punk / indie pop band. [2] A London, UK romantic pop-rock band. [3] A Tennessee, USA pop punk / emo band. [4] A Japanese j-pop seiyuu group. [5] A Swedish pop group. [6] A UK psych-folk trio. [7] A USA 70s jazz rock group. [8] An Adelaide, Australia rock band. [9] A Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA math rock band. [10] A Japanese noise-pop band (aka 友人). [11] A USA television series. [12]An obscure 1960s British pop group [1] A Brooklyn, NYC, NY, USA dance-punk / indie pop band (aka Perpetual Crush), founded in 2010. Sites: Discogs, MusicBrainz and Wikipedia. [2] A London, UK based romantic pop-rock band formed, in 1986, by William Jones (vocals, songwriting, guitar), in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, UK. In 1992, Jones was joined by Martin Parker (drums, percussion), who together are the band's nucleus. They have released nine albums and six singles (on Summerhouse). Their latest album is Spangleland (May 2007). Their lyrics span incurable optimism to dark miserableness and influences include: Teardrop Explodes, The Chameleons and 70s acoustic, e.g. Nick Drake and Renaissance. Spangleland is stylistically atypical, featuring somewhat weird epics. Sites: Discogs. [3] A Nashville, TN, USA, pop punk / emo band, with members of Dependency and début EP Better Off Alone (Jun 2011, Blood and Ink). Sites: Twitter and Facebook. [4] A defunct Japanese j-pop seiyuu group / seiyū group (声優ユニット), formed in 2008 (aka Friends). The group is an all-female sextet of: 小林ゆう (Yu Kobayashi), 下田麻美 (Asami Shimoda), 桜井 真子 (Mako Sakurai - more-commonly / ambiguously known as Mako), 明坂聡美 (Satomi Akesaka), 本多陽子 (Yohko Honda) and 阿澄佳奈 (Kana Asumi). As Friends, the débuted with single "ニセモノ" (5 Nov 2008), followed by albums: 今日の5の2 BGM集 音祭り春夏秋冬 (Dec 2008), Best Friends (Jan 2009) and Friendship (Sept 2009). The band promoted / cross-marketed television anime 今日の5の2 (romanised Kyo no Go no Ni - Today in Class 5-2) and consisted of series' seiyuu / seiyū (声優, voice-over thespians). They performed the opening / end themes throughout the series and, as common with seiyuu groups, were dissolved with its 2009 discontinuation. Sakurai is best know as a member of Bon-Bon Blanco. Sites: Ja.Wikipedia. [5] A Swedish pop group which split 2004. They contested Eurovision 2001 and parted when two members founded Nina & Kim. [6] A defunct UK psych-folk trio, of: Peter Howell, John Ferdinando and Ruth Cubbin (vocals). Their only album was Fragile (1972). Howell and Ferdinando also released albums as Agincourt / Ithaca. Sites: Discogs. [7] A defunct USA 70s jazz rock group, with members: John Abercrombie, Clint Houston, Jeff Williams and Marc Cohen. Their only album was Friends (1973).

Lenny White on Thrillcall: concerts, tour dates, & shows
Lenny White