The Spits
May 25, 2019


350 West Burnside, Portland, OR, 97209, US


Saturday, May 25, 2019
9:00 PM

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The Spits

The Spits Biography

The Spits are an American Seattle-based punk rock band. Currently, the band has released five albums. The first four were all officially self-titled, but were unofficially titled 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. The albums were released by Nickel and Dime Records, Slovenly Recordings, Dirtnap Records, and Thriftstore Records respectively. In October 2011 they released their latest album, called V.
The band describes itself as "Punk for the People", and focuses on loud, noisy, and dirty punk rock. On stage, band members frequently appear in costumes (e.g. graduation robes, nun outfits, Ronald Reagan masks, or toilet paper "mummy" costumes), and focus on the dirty, low-budget sound and presentation of garage punk.
The Spits' "Bring Down" was featured in Al Partanen's skateboarding segment of the "Born Dead" skate video, as well as Darrel Mathe's section in the snowboarding video "love/HATE". "I H8 Pussies" was featured in Andy Forgash's segment in the snowboarding video, "Burning Bridges" as well. Their song, "Remote Control" appears in the Absinthe Films snowboarding video, "More".

Sean Wood -- guitar, vocals,
Erin Wood -- bass,
Wayne Draves - drums,
Broose Young - background vocals,
Lance Phelps - drums (former),
Greg T -- keyboards (former),
Darren Benson - keyboards (former),
Ernie Quintero - keyboards (former),
Joe Pestilence - keyboards (former),
Nick Markel - keyboards (former),
Johnny LZR - keyboards (former)