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Brad Paisley

NRG Stadium
1 Reliant Park
Houston, TX, 77054, US
Sat, Mar 16, 2019

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NRG Stadium

1 Reliant Park

Houston, TX, 77054, US

+1(832) 667-1400

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Joe reviewed Brad Paisley at KeyBank Pavilion
Beat This Summer Tour is an AWESOME show. Brad played for 2 solid hours. Had the "Kid" drummer come out and play with the band. He is good. Brad had band members come out into the "cheap" seats and play several songs from a small stage. That was a treat for us in those seats. He started the place rockin with Southern Comfort Zone and kept the pace all evening long. Only better show I saw of his was at 07 JITH when I was fortunate enough to have back stage passes that entire day. Now that was AWESOME. Thanks PAUL
Denise reviewed Brad Paisley
Me again,thanks for comments..but obviously I did no proofread beforeposting...Pa taught me how to have fun while upholding great moral & integrity, just by watching & listening to him...So many songs, seemed as a message from my Grandpa or from God...placed CD random songs relating to our family played at just the right time. It was not a conincidence as there are NO coincidences with our Lord....Help me find a near by Paisley concert, as my husband will only attend this extremely tallented guitarist(Brad & Kieth are about equal)&
TO MY UTTER DISBELIEF I MISSED ATTENDING PAISLEY'S NC CONCERT LAST NIGHT !!! I AM DEVASTATED !...neurons not yet firing properly. I've listened to Paisley's works for years.After my Grandfather(whom raised me w/down to earth hard farming chrisian vales passed my husband & I decided attending Paisley's Walnut Creek show would help take my heart ache & grief away for a I listen to "When I Get Where I'm Going" has helped with my overwhelming grief.Weeks by Grandpa's side 24/7 while hospitilized then taking him home to the farm,I cared for all personal needs,allowing Hospice staff to tidy house,cook a bit, answer door & phone...until he passed. Anyone out there have a suggestion to obtain tickets to a concert not that far from NC? Dad gum it...concert was last night! That's what I get for putting off looking up tour dates, but my mind has been in a fog...A fan forever, whose then 9 yr old twin sons(now turning 22),turned me on to Brad, Kenny & Keith...
Logan reviewed Brad Paisley
Love you you are so cool you are so awsome don't ever stop singing
astrid_remus reviewed Brad Paisley at Aquarian Lovefest
Breath in and Breath out.....You are perfect I love this song so much. Make me feel in the moon. God Bless you and to all your family....... I have a lot of romantic Story of my live that sounds with this song. Take care ...................ok...... .................Big smile 2 u......