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Jamey Johnson

House of Blues
400 West Disney Way
Anaheim, CA, 92802, US
Sat, Mar 16, 2019

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House of Blues

400 West Disney Way

Anaheim, CA, 92802, US

+1(714) 778-2583

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John reviewed Jamey Johnson at Hertz Arena
Opened for Willie Nelson. The sound system was overdriven and bass boosted so badly we almost could not bear it. The performance was boring, depressing and totally lacked energy and commitment. A huge disappointment.
Roberta reviewed Jamey Johnson
haven,t gotten to see him yet but it is number one on my list if he ever gets close enough out here.............not just me but all my friends too........HE IS THE GREATEST TO US
Mike reviewed Jamey Johnson
Gary reviewed Jamey Johnson at Dos Amigos
saw him in odessa with my son and nephew it was my boys first concert.jamey is really really good. unlike alot out there today jamey is real country, and hes as good live as any ive ever saw. his talent goes way past a recording studio. i dont understand why country radio and tv does not show him what he deserves. jamey should own the awards shows in almost every catagory. they did the same to waylon i guess thats why there so alike
Saw Jamey at the country thorowdown in May, I had soooooooo been looking forward to seeing him since I had last seen him at country throwdown 2010, When he came out he maybe sang 5 songs and I felt like it was rushed,so I was a bit disapointed I wish he had been on stage a bit longer I realy enjoy his music, I could listen to him sing the phonebook and love every word. Amy