Eliminator, Vicious Circle
Brauer House
April 5, 2019

with Cheap Thrills


Brauer House
1000 N Rohlwing Road , Lombard, IL, 60148, US


Friday, April 5, 2019
8:00 PM

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Eliminator on Thrillcall: concerts, tour dates, & shows

Eliminator Biography

There are various bands called Eliminator: 1. Thrash metal band from Lithuania formed in 2005. 2. Speed black metal/ blues metal band from New Jersey, USA formed in 2006. 3. Thrash metal band from Germany formed in 2005. 4. Thrash metal band from Slovenia formed in 2007. 5. Heavy Metal band from UK formed in 2005. 1. a thrash metal band from Vilnius, Lithuania. Line up: Ryklys - vocals Monte - guitars Bosistas - bass Karolis - drums Official website: http://eliminator.thrash.lt/ This bands discography includes "eliminator" garage EP, released in spring of 2006 "front is coming" EP, released in summer 2007 "bombraid over vatican" EP, released in autumn 2008 2: The Eliminator from New Jersey, USA was formed in 2007 by Warchild (Mutiny Within, Antiquity, Beneath the Dead Ring and Unblessed) on vocals and guitar, and Barbarian (Antiquity, Beneath the Dead Ring, Unblessed and County Drop) on drums and backing vocals. The duo released the demo "...Will Kill You" in 2007, and shortly after Barbarian left the band. He was replaced by Samus (Norwegian Birthday Cake, Mutiny Within, Suspyre, Abysmal Gates, Dark Empire, Rising Phoenix and Abigail Williams ). This line up recorded their debut album "Breaking the Wheel", with Warchild also recording the bass tracks. Initially tagged as a thrash metal band, the band proved themselves a better speed black metal band. After a few worthless members not worth mentioning coming and going for live shows, Barbarian returned as the bassist for the band. This however only lasted a few months, and he quit right before the completion of the second full length album "The One They Were Waiting For". 3: The fourth band called Eliminator is from Germany. They formed in 2003 and they released a Demo called Death Camp in 2006. They play thrash too. 4: Eliminator (Slovenian band) released a four-track demo on may 2008 called "And you think you're holy?" 5: Eliminator (UK) is a five piece heavy metal band based in Lancaster, UK. Taking influence from the great heavy metal bands of past, their forerunners and a plethora of long forgotten bands that are now unjustly resigned to obscurity, they aim to play a traditional and direct style of heavy metal that unashamedly looks to the past for inspiration and rejects the dubious trends rife in today's metal scene. They have recently signed to Portuguese Heavy Metal label The Forge and released their debut EP 'We Rule the Night' in March 2011. Available for purchase now from www.aforja.org. They have also been names as Darkthrone band of the week on www.bandoftheweek.net Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/itseliminator http://www.facebook.com/eliminatorheavymetal