Kyle Cook, Pablo Dylan
Hotel Utah Saloon
April 20, 2019


Hotel Utah Saloon
500 Fourth Street, San Francisco, CA, 94107, US


Saturday, April 20, 2019
9:00 PM

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Kyle Cook on Thrillcall: concerts, tour dates, & shows
Kyle Cook

Kyle Cook Biography

David Kyle Cook (born August 29, 1975 in Frankfort, Indiana) is an American musician, best known as a member of the band Matchbox Twenty. He plays lead guitar and banjo and sings backing vocals for the band.

In Matchbox Twenty, Cook played the piano on the song "Hand Me Down" from the album More Than You Think You Are. He sang lead vocals on the track 'The Way' from their fourth studio album "North". He shares writing credits for all the songs on Exile on Mainstream and "Feel" and "Soul."
Cook is also the lead guitarist and lead vocalist for the band The New Left. The New Left consists of him and three other musicians—John Kibler, Brett Borges and Eamon Ryland. Cook, Kibler, and Borges played in a band called Downpour in high school.
Cook contributed to Mick Jagger's song "Visions of Paradise" on his solo record Goddess in the Doorway. Cook also played guitar on the song "...Something to Be" by Rob Thomas on his solo album of the same name.
Cook co-wrote, performed and produced several songs on John Waite's album Rough & Tumble. He performed on stage with Waite in February 2011 at the Boomtown Casino in New Orleans.
Cook is currently producing several artists in and around the Nashville area, and he co-wrote the song "Time to Let Me Go" by Gloriana.
While Matchbox Twenty was on a brief hiatus, Cook released songs solo via his MySpace page.
On stage Cook is most frequently seen playing a 1979 Wine Red Gibson Les Paul or a Danny Gatton series Fender Telecaster.
Kyle Cook co-wrote Love and Theft's 2013 single "If You Ever Get Lonely."
Cook opened his own Record Label - The Tennessee Recording Company, which he opened with longtime friend and collaborator, Mike Fiorentino, and web developer Ben Shaw in 2013.
Cook plans to release a solo album - Wolves, in October 2018. The album had been put on hold as he created music with Sheila Marshall under the name Rivers and Rust. The duo parted ways in late 2017.
In an Instagram post on April 9, 2016, Cook announced his departure from Matchbox Twenty, citing "deterioration of communication, disagreements on when, where and how we tour and a general break down of democracy within the group." However, less than a year later on March 27, 2017, Cook announced Matchbox Twenty's North America co-headlining summer tour with Counting Crows, and that Rivers and Rust would be the opening act. Regarding Cook's status in the band, Matchbox Twenty member Paul Doucette replied, "Kyle is back!" in response to a fan's question on Twitter.
The New Left
The New Left was an alternative rock band that released one EP in 2004.
After releasing their third album, More Than You Think You Are, in 2002, and spending the next year touring the globe, the members of Matchbox Twenty began to work on separate musical projects. Guitarist Kyle Cook reconnected with his former band mates – drummer Brett Borges and bassist John Kibler. The three had met during high school in rural Indiana. Under the name Downpour, the group had played proms and parties, but had parted ways once graduation came around. After Cook became part of Matchbox Twenty, the trio had kept in touch and recorded demos during Cook's time off from touring. Adopting the new name "The New Left", they added the guitarist and singer/songwriter Eamon Ryland.The group's only release was an EP, Let Go, which was released in 2004 during Cook's hiatus from Matchbox Twenty. It was recorded at Cook's studio in Orlando, Florida, and it includes six original, blues-tinged rock tracks.
Matchbox Twenty then reunited and began performing again during 2007. Cook remained with Matchbox Twenty until 2016. Cook shortly after rejoined the group.

Personal life
Cook and his former wife, Sabrina, whom he married on June 13, 1999, have two daughters, Makenzie (February 23, 1999) and Ava (March 28, 2002) and have since divorced. He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.
Cook played classical violin for five years before learning to play the guitar. His first guitar was a classical. His mother, Jackie Snyder, is a teacher in Frankfort, Indiana. He often credits her for much of his drive to succeed.
Cook attended the Atlanta Institute of Music in Norcross, Georgia. He also lived in Oviedo, Florida for a time.


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