Marvel Years
Eagles Nest
April 12, 2019


Eagles Nest
600 Nevan Road , Virginia Beach, VA, 23451, US


Friday, April 12, 2019
9:00 PM

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Marvel Years

Marvel Years Biography

Marvel Years
(a.k.a. Cory Wythe) is an up-and-coming producer out of Burlington, Vermont. Not only is he a DJ/producer he is a talented guitarist. He blends all three of these skills to create his soulful original tunes and remixes. His sound is a unique hybrid of EDM that combines a lot of glitch, retro-funk, soul, jazz and hip-hop. Often compared to Pretty Lights, Marvel Years has smooth funky sounding music on lock, and his releases are primed and ready for you to forget your troubles and enter into a happier state of mind.Marvel Years' sophomore EP appropriately titled Nowhere But Up is slated for release on April 9th through Gravitas Recordings. It will be available for free download. "Only If It's Right," released on March 26th, is the first single off the forthcoming EP.

Dream Big was his debut EP and released in November 2012, also through Gravitas Recordings. It has been received very well to a widespread demographic and gained Marvel Years' YouTube channel almost 100,000 views so far.

"This 19 year-old producer has been at it for a short while but his production alongside his creativity is a winning combination. Spreading a more chilled, groovy vibe, this set is sure to please." –"Dangerous Wolf" at Be The Rave regarding the Dream Big EP.

Aside from releasing his all-original hits on Dream Big, Marvel Years has also released two original singles as well as two remixes of retro classic-

rock tracks, and these releases have gained attention from several different music blogs/websites and also seem to be thoroughly enjoyed by those who listen.

Marvel Years is a talented guitarist with several years' experience. Check out his skills shredding the guitar (as well as how he seamlessly incorporates it into his electronic music by sampling it) on the tracks "Check the Vibe", "Depend On", & "Only If It's Right". Marvel Years aims to combine live mixing/producing with live guitar onstage as a one-man show in the future.

Marvel Years is a kid with a dream, the talent, and the drive to become a household name. He has found a good amount of success for such a short time making music. In fact, Wythe really wasn't planning on pursuing music at all as his career until other people started noticing his music he posted online. He says, "it started off as something that I would do when I had nothing to do and it was just a side project. It didn't really start to become my main focus until my first few months in college when I started to gain attention from labels, promoters, etc. and now my music has shifted from something I do on the side to something I focus on day in and day out."


Keep your eye on this fresh artist who is making big moves.... And become marveled yourself.