Beta Wolf
Pat's Philly Steaks and Subs
April 25, 2019


Pat's Philly Steaks and Subs
1624 Market St., Denver, CO, 80220, US


Thursday, April 25, 2019
8:00 PM

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Beta Wolf

Beta Wolf Biography

When the alpha wolf takes his authority for granted, he becomes too bloated and out of touch to care for the pack that put him there in the first place, leaving an opportunity for the next generation to rise up and take the lead. Rock music's alpha wolves have sat idly by and watched as pop darlings with little talent continue to take over the music landscape; all-the-while their once sacred genre of rock sits neglected. A genre that put out timeless songs full of personality, emotion, and truth has become a satire of itself with men trying to squeeze themselves into the trendiest outfits they can find, spewing lyrical nonsense and forgetting why they started playing rock music to begin with. The fall of these rock alpha wolves brings with it the rise of Beta Wolf; a band that is poised to carry the rock world on its shoulders back to its former glory. Made up of front man Grant Arnow, guitarist Sergio Ruelas, guitarist and vocalist Devon Pangle, bassist Rocko and drummer Chester Lang, Beta Wolf have created a stadium-sized Rock sound that crushes you with raw emotion and a sincerity hard to come by in today's watered down music world. Their sound harkens back to Rock's better days when every band member was not only known, but revered for their musical prowess...days when memorable albums were sewn together with talent, truth, and real life experiences...days when thousands of eager fans packed stadiums to see their favorite rock gods belt melodies and shred. Beta Wolf brings all that to the table, but with a young, fresh twist. Rock hasn't seen a front man like Grant Arnow in decades. His soaring and sincere melodies channel past vocal legends while his snarly, cutting vibrato ropes in listeners with a refreshingly youthful sound. See Grant once on stage and you will realize that this is his destiny. Along with memorable vocals, Beta Wolf revives the lost art of melodic guitar lines and soloing. At a time when overdone distortion and aimless fretboard masturbation are the standard, Sergio and Devon masterfully craft sing-able lines that cut through the mix, creating a colorful story of their own. Beta Wolf's undeniable melodies are held tightly together by a rhythm section supplying both the sonic glue and the punches-to-the-chest required for a true rock experience. The members of Beta Wolf have traveled far to find each other, coming together from around the country on the gritty streets of Los Angeles. Before Beta Wolf joining forces, a few of the original members had received a major label deal that was heavy on promise but light on strategy and execution. Not only have the members come out stronger and smarter, but they are more excited than ever to step up as industry leaders and ferociously work toward driving change. The members of Beta Wolf have seen the alpha wolf lose its grip on control and are ready to lead the hungry pack into the next decade...a decade of rock revival, less about scene and more about song...the decade of the Beta Wolf.