Willie Watson
Station Inn
May 2, 2019


Station Inn
402 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN, 37203, US


Thursday, May 2, 2019
9:00 PM

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Willie Watson Biography

William, Willie, Bill or Billy Watson may refer to:


1 The arts,
2 Government,
3 Law,
4 Military,
5 Sciences,
6 Sports
6.1 Association football,
6.2 Cricket,
6.3 Rugby,
6.4 Other sports,
7 Other,

The arts:
Willie Watson (musician) (born 1979), American old-time and folk musician,
Billy Watson (actor) (born 1923), actor,
William Watson (actor) (1938-1997), American actor,
William Watson (poet) (1858-1935), English poet,
William Watson (songwriter) (1794-1840), Tyneside concert hall singer and songwriter,
William Watson (writer) (1930-2005), also known as Bill Watson, Scottish writer,

W. Marvin Watson (born 1924), U.S. Postmaster General,
William Watson (16th century MP), MP for the City of York,
William Watson (Australian politician) (1864-1938), Australian politician,
William Watson, Mayor of Rockford, Illinois, 1878-79,
Sir William Henry Watson (1796-1860), Baron of the Exchequer,
William John Watson (1839-1886), New South Wales politician,
William Watson (New South Wales politician) (1815-1877), New South Wales politician,
William McLean Watson (1874-1962), MP for Dunfermline Burghs, 1922-1931 and 1935-1950,
William T. Watson (1849-1917), American banker and Governor of Delaware,

William Watson, Baron Thankerton (1873-1948), Scottish judge,
William Watson, Baron Watson (1827-1899), Scottish judge,

William Watson (sergeant) (1826-1906), author and soldier in the Confederate States Army,
William Watson (surgeon) (1837-1879), surgeon in the 105th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers during the American Civil War,
William E. Watson, military historian,
William H. Watson (1815-1846), Mexican-American War soldier from Maryland,
William Walker Russell Watson (1875-1924), decorated Australian Colonel of World War I,
William Thornton Watson (1887-1961), New Zealand officer in the Australian Imperial Force,

William Watson (botanist) (1858-1925), British botanist and horticulturalist,
William Watson (scientist) (1715-1787), English physician and scientist,
William Watson (physician) (1744-1824), English physician and naturalist, son of William Watson (1715-1787),
William Watson (surveyor and scientist) (1784-1857), cartographer and sundial-maker from Seaton Ross,
William Weldon Watson (1899-1992), American nuclear physicist,


Association football:
Bill Watson (footballer) (1899-1969), English footballer in the 1920s-30s,
Billy Watson (footballer, born 1890) (1890-1955), English international footballer with Burnley, 1908-1925,
Billy Watson (footballer, born 1893) (1893-1962), English footballer with Huddersfield Town, 1912-1927,
Billy Watson (Scottish footballer) (died 1950), Bradford City A.F.C. footballer, 1921-1931,
Billy Watson (soccer), Scottish-American footballer in the 1920s-30s,
Jimmy Watson (footballer, born 1914) (1914-1979), aka Bill Watson (William James Boyd Watson), English footballer in the 1930s,
William Watson (footballer) (fl. 1903-1909), Lincoln City footballer active in the 1900s,
William Watson (footballer, born 1900), Scottish footballer (Dumbarton FC),
William Watson (Scottish footballer) (fl. 1898), Scottish footballer (Falkirk FC and Scotland),
Willie Watson (England cricketer) (1920-2004), English cricketer and footballer,
Willie Watson (footballer, born 1910), Scottish footballer (Hibernian, Ayr United),
Willie Watson (footballer, born 1949), Scottish footballer (Manchester United, Motherwell),
Graham Watson (footballer, born 1949), English footballer, aka "Willie" Watson,

Bill Watson (cricketer) (born 1931), Australian cricketer,
Willie Watson (England cricketer) (1920-2004), English cricketer and footballer,
Willie Watson (New Zealand cricketer) (born 1965), New Zealand cricketer,

Billy Watson (rugby union) (1869-1953), member of the 1893 New Zealand rugby union team,
William Watson (rugby league), rugby league footballer of the 1930s for England, and Keighley,
William Watson (rugby player) (1887-1961),

Other sports:
Bill Watson (ice hockey) (born 1964), ice hockey player in Minnesota,
Whipper Billy Watson (1915-1990), Canadian wrestler,
William Watson (basketball), African-American basketball player,
William Watson (chess player) (born 1962), English chess grandmaster,
William Watson (track and field athlete) (1916-1973), aka "Big Bill" Watson, American track and field athlete,

William Watson (bow maker) (born 1930), British bow maker,
William Watson (economist), Canadian economist and Financial Post columnist,
William Watson (priest) (1559-1603), English Roman Catholic priest and conspirator, executed for treason,
William Watson (sinologist) (1917-2007), professor of Chinese art and archaeology at London University,
William J. Watson (1865-1948), toponymist,
William Watson (motoring pioneer) (1873-1961), Liverpool-born racing driver and motoring pioneer