The House of Vibe, The All Stars
March 20, 2019


1432 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90401, US


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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The House of Vibe Biography

The scene: Mid 90's...In a two-story house in Culver City where Anthony "Brew" Brewster lived, worked, and played, having converted the entire second floor into a recording studio. At the time, Brew was still playing with Fishbone and was also doing a lot of side work with other artists. Many of these artists would come through Brew's place to record with him, so his spot quickly became "the house" where folks would come to hang, record and "vibe" together... hence the name, HOUSE OF VIBE.
Some of the original folks who hung out and recorded at the house were Chali Tuna, Res, Kanetic, Fish, Dez (Slum Village), Pocket Honore', Deploi, D-Break, C. Wolfe, Tony Tarasco, and Darius Rucker. In these days, any combination of the artists and musicians of the crew would be called upon to do gigs for major label recording artists such as Jada Pinkett Smith, Res, Nikka Costa, N'dea Davenport and others. Subsequently they would be asked to commit weeks, if not months to a project only to end up back hanging at the house, waiting on the next gig. Eventually, this grew old and Brew decided that it was time for him and his crew to create their own identity and record their own music... for them, about them, by them. So one day they all set up in the studio, hit the record button and just started playing. That, was the beginning of the HOUSE OF VIBE.
Since then HOV was taken on many forms, some of which have been touring around the world for the past year with Chali 2na while the rest have been playing locally in LA... but the core concept has always remained the same... music as an expression of the heart. Whether its an audience of 10 or 10,000, nothing changes... it's about a perfect VIBE... and in the HOUSE OF VIBE this is always so.