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Depeche Mode

The House Lounge
3626 Fruitland Ave
Maywood, CA, 90270, US
Sat, Apr 20, 2019

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The House Lounge

3626 Fruitland Ave

Maywood, CA, 90270, US

+1(323) 915-3484

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Upcoming Concerts at The House Lounge

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danny.heredia97 reviewed Depeche Mode at Santa Barbara Bowl
I was in the pit at Santa Barbara Bowl and no more then 15 feet from the band, it was surreal, Dave Gahan has presence and DM in my opinion are the greatest entertainers in the world, their music styles are unmatched. They sound as good as ever, can't wait till they put out a new album and I am going to be there when the "Tour of The Universe" concert DVD goes on sale in November.
Karri reviewed Depeche Mode
I attended the Salt Lake City, Utah concert and it was breath taking. Make sure you have funding to purchase the live CD of the concert you will be glad that you did. Unfortunately, I didn't I only had enough to get my set, and I'm thankful of that, I wouldn't have missed Depeche Mode for the world. And just so everyone knows they do signing before the concert, I didn't know that, nobody told me. So before you make a fool of yourself and ask the handsome man with the accent in middle of the floor to try and get you an autograph for your first concert, know that the autograph are before the concert. Scream, and Scream loud for you encore fans, till your blue in the face!!! I know I did Karri
Lori reviewed Depeche Mode
I've seen them in concert twice and they sound exactly like on the radio. I will go see them again when they return to Michigan. Me and my sister are huge fans.