Oslo Jazzfestival
Oslo Konserthus
August 13, 2019


Oslo Konserthus
Munkedamsveien 14, Oslo, 0115, NO


Tuesday, August 13, 2019
8:00 PM

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Oslo Jazzfestival Biography

Oslo International Jazz Festival (established 1986 in Norway) is a Norwegian music event, held in August, with a focus on music form the jazz genere, performed on stages in Oslo.

The pilot project (1984-1985) was initiated by Aage Teigen. The first festival in 1986, had more than forty volunteers and the event received 350 000 Norwegian kroner in donations from Oslo Municipality. The music was largely traditional jazz, Dixieland, New Orleans jazz, etc. The organization became a Foundation in 1995, led by Truls Helweg, Chairman of the Board since 1995) and permanently appointed General Manager (Aage Teigen), at a time when the budget was over 5 million Norwegian kroner. Teigen was in 2002 awarded Oslo City Artist Award for his commitment.
In 2006 the festival held 70 concerts (of these 15 free) with 450 musicians on 18 stages with around 70 000 spectators. Aage Teigen was then general manager with more than 200 volunteers, and the music includes all generas of jazz. New leader from 2007 was Edvard Askeland. At the festival in August 2013 Nora Brockstedt was honored by a grand concert, where Come Shine and saxophonist Hanna Paulsberg presented highlights from Brockstedts repertoire in "brilliant versions".
A sculpture of Ella Fitzgerald is awarded a person who has developed the festival and the Oslo Jazz Scene, created by the artist Mariann Hazeland.
The prize was first awarded
1995: Randi Hultin journalist based in Oslo.
Later winners are
1996: Stein Kagge, journalist based in Oslo
1997: Totti Bergh, saxophonist based in Oslo
1998: Kristian Ystehede, multiinstrumentalist
1999: Laila Dalseth, vocalist resided in Oslo
2000: Tore Jensen, trumpeter in Oslo (2000),
2001: Miloud Guiderk, musician and impresario
2002: Eivind Solberg, trumpeter resided in Oslo
2003: Roald Helgheim, journalist
2004: Gerhard Aspheim, trombonist resided in Oslo
2005: Peter T. Malling, businessman and founder of «Jazzradioen»
2006: Hank O'Neal, record producer, photographer and journalist from USA
2007: Bjørn Petersen, leader of Gemini Records in Oslo
2008: Karin Krog, vocalist from Oslo
2009: Bodil Niska, saxophonist and jazz entrepreneur
2010: Arild Andersen, bassist from Oslo
2011: Aage Teigen, trombonist and founder of Oslo Jazz Festival (2011)
2012: Bugge Wesseltoft, pianist, composer, producer and owner of Jazzland Recordings
2013: Erlend Skomsvoll, pianist, composer and orchestra leader
2014: Odd André Elveland, as the founder of Improbasen and Kids in Jazz
Statkraft's Young Star Grant
Scholarship which is awarded to a musician or a band (age 18-25) which has been noticed on local, regional and / or national level. The grant supported by Statkraft amounts 50 000 Norwegian kroner, and includes a gig with an optional project during the subsequent festival.
2007: Marianne Halmrast
2008: Jørgen Mathisen
2009: Guro Skumsnes Moe
2010: Kristoffer Kompen
2011: Anja Lauvdal
2012: Ellen Andrea Wang
2013: Ingrid Søfteland Neset

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