The Mission Theater
May 24, 2019


The Mission Theater
1501 N Kingsbury St., Chicago, IL, 60642, US


Friday, May 24, 2019
10:30 PM

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Revolver Biography

There are at least 9 artists that use the name Revolver. For the Spanish group, please see Revólver. 1. An alternative rock band from the United Kingdom 2. A rock band from Germany 3. A hard rock band from New Zealand 4. A thrash metal band from Slovenia 5. A pop-rock group active in the 1980's which contributed to movie soundtracks 6. A rapper from Canada 7. A rock band from Estonia 8. A chamber pop group from France 9. A new wave band from Italy 1) Revolver (UK) were a London based guitar band in existence from 1990-1994, comprising of Mat Flint (guitar/vocals), Hamish Brown (bass) and Nick Dewey (drums). Flint and Dewey had been in school bands together, and when the two moved to London in the autumn of 1990 met Brown who completed the line-up. The band, after attracting attention from several record labels, signed to the Virgin records subsidiary Hut Records in the summer of 1991. The band quickly picked up a following, supporting the likes of Chapterhouse, Slowdive, Teenage Fanclub and Blur, and gained a lot of press coverage, most notably in NME, Melody Maker and The Face. Their first single, "Heaven Sent An Angel" topped the UK independent charts, as did the follow-up "Crimson", and the third single "Venice". The band specialised in bright, abrasive guitar-pop songs with strong melodies, and were determined (but ultimately failed) to distinguish themselves from the other guitar bands of the era. The UK press lumped them in with the shoegazer movement, a tag that the band weren't comfortable with. A compilation of these first 3 singles was released in the States as "Baby's Angry" on Caroline Records, and gained the band airplay on US college radio. The band toured America in the autumn of 1992, on a co-headlining tour with fellow Caroline Records act Drop Nineteens. In 1993, Revolver released the single "Cradle Snatch", closely followed by the album "Cold Water Flat", and while the songs were more sophisticated than their earlier work, the sales weren't as impressive, and Virgin dropped the band after a final single "I Wear Your Chain" failed to make the top 75. The band split up at the beginning of 1994, after failing to sign a deal with another label. Mat Flint went on to play bass guitar for Death In Vegas from 1996 onwards, and has released two singles, "Commodity" and "Time To Kill", with his new band Deep Cut. Deep Cut's debut album "My Thoughts Light Fires" will be released on Club AC30 Records in February 2009. 2) Formed in Braunschweig, Germany - Formed by guitarist Lutz Buck and drummer Antek Rudo, and after tossing some ideas around, they decided to book a studio to record an album. The album, The Unholy Mother Of Fuck, was recorded and released in 2002 on Music For Nations. 3) Formed in Auckland, New Zealand in 2003. Comprised of Charlie Atkin (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Stevie Atkin (vocals, guitars), Greg Dempster (drums), Matt Bryers (vocals, guitars), and Rob Bryers (bass, vocals), they released their debut album "Parlour Games" in December 2006. Their style is best described as rock and roll with strong retro influences, particularly The Who and Lynyrd Skynyrd. 4) Revolver (Slovenia) was a thrash metal band from Portorož, active in the 90's. They have released first and only album "Sistem" in 1997. Band Members were: Igor Zonta (Vocals), Kevin Koradin (Guitar), Matej Batelič (Bass), Enis Beganovič (Drums). 5) A mid-1980s band mostly remembered for their appearances on movie soundtracks, especially their contributions to Thom Eberhardt's 1985 midnight-movie classic "Night Of The Comet". 6) Revolver is an Edmonton based MC (North London) who is part of the crew Cold Blooded. Revolver was originally part of Millitant Terrorist, in which he shone out as a premier MC in that crew. Revolver is known for his graphic but infectious hooks and distinctive Edmonton accent. Revolver is expected to release his mixtape in 2008 with productions from Scorcher, S.K.I.T.Z. Beatz, and Buckfaster. 7) An Estonian rock'n'roll band formed in Tallinn, 2009. 8 Formed in Paris, Fr in 2006: Ambroise, Christophe, and Jeremie have played together as Revolver since september 2006. These three musicians, who each come from very different musical backgrounds, create what they call "chamber pop"--reference to both the Renaissance compositions and the pop music of Elliott Smith or the Kinks. Revolver distinguishes itself by its rich vocal harmonies and stark compositions. 9 Italian new wave/post-punk band.