Planning for Burial
Hi Dive
July 15, 2019


Hi Dive
7 S. Broadway, Denver, CO, 80209, US


Monday, July 15, 2019
8:30 PM

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Planning for Burial Biography

Planning for Burial is the musical project of American musician and singer-songwriter Thom Wasluck. Based in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Wasluck started to perform under the alias in 2005 and released the debut album, Leaving in 2009. Wasluck plays all instruments during his home recordings and performs on his own at live performances.

Before performing as Planning for Burial, Wasluck played in local bands and recorded music with his 4 track recorder. In 2009, he released his debut album, Leaving, which was re-released by Enemies List Home Recordings in 2010. Following the re-release of the album, Wasluck recorded and released a series of tapes, EPs and splits in the following years.
In 2014, Planning for Burial released its second studio album, Desideratum, through The Flenser record label. Planning for Burial shared stage with stage with a wide range of music acts, including Chelsea Wolfe and Deafheaven.

Musical style:
Planning for Burial's music takes influences from a wide array of genres, and is labeled as "gloomgaze" and "experimental metal." According to Pitchfork critic Andy O'Connor, Thom Wasluck of Planning for Burial "filters post-metal, doom, ambient, and goth-rock through his own terminally miserable lens."Vice described the band as "a fully-contained, one-man band who delves into shoegaze, metal, black metal and other elements to craft somber, emotional songs," and compared its style to those of English post-metal band Jesu.New Noise Magazine argued that the act's sound "contains elements of slowcore, shoegaze, doom, drone, 90's alt rock, 80's goth, and black metal, while never being defined by any one of those genres." Jason Cook of PopMatters also drew parallels between the band's debut studio album, Leaving, and Nine Inch Nails' 1999 album, The Fragile.
Wasluck releases Planning for Burials on various mediums, including on floppy disks, and cassettes.