Suicide Queen
Ivy Room
April 25, 2019

with Stonedog


Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Avenue, Albany, CA, 94706, US


Thursday, April 25, 2019
8:00 PM

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Suicide Queen Biography

Suicide Queen was formed in late 2014 in Oakland, CA and quickly established themselves as important figures of the San Francisco Bay Area industrial music scene. They performed at the anniversary event of long-running San Francisco goth club Death Guild in 2015 and 2016 and will perform at the anniversary of seminal Los Angeles goth club Bar Sinister in August 2016.

Suicide Queen embraces the presence of death in existence, which pushes the human race to live most lasciviously before time runs out. The band gives a voice to the themes of depravity, nihilism, and freakishness of humanity in a world that would rather silence them. They believe the life embodied by traditional society is a complacent and pointless cycle of birth, work, marriage and death, and in order to bring about real change, it's necessary to push boundaries and make people uncomfortable to illustrate our own depravity.

Founder Kay Dolores incorporated the themes of his Christian education into the incendiary lyrics and imagery of Suicide Queen to mock the religious and moral status quo. He states, "Our nature is not to worship. That stage of our evolution is over. And in order to bring about real change, you have to make people uncomfortable, show them their own pain and depravity, and their own power." Dolores plans to release the first full-length Suicide Queen album in late 2016.

The lineup now includes founding members Kay Dolores (vocals, programming), and Michael Vile (The Vile Augury; synthesis), Todd Buller (guitars) Celeste St. Muerte (bass), and Mark Davis (ex-Limnus; drums).

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