Carl Anderson, The War and Treaty
3rd and Lindsley
May 1, 2019


3rd and Lindsley
818 3rd Ave. S,, Nashville, TN, 37210, US


Wednesday, May 1, 2019
8:00 PM

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Carl Anderson Biography

"An appealing blend of understated vocals and thoughtful lyrics that translates well to an acoustic setting. And it's also really easy to put on and let play all the way through."

-CMT Edge

"Anderson melds classic Nashville instrumentation, Muscle Shoals flourishes, and West Texas poeticism into a perfectly balanced musical pastiche."

-The Bluegrass Situation

"His latest album, Risk of Loss, contains songs of pain and redemption. Borrowing from a range of genres such as soul, Americana, and blues, Anderson has created an album that pays homage to time-honored traditions without ever getting mired in them. It is authentic, real, and above all, absorbing."

-New York Minute Magazine

"His adept folksy songwriting and never-fail sense of humor took him from a local festival staple to a full-time Tennessee troubadour. His earnest lyrics, sincere, rich baritone vocals and simple acoustic guitar stylings find him trailing a long wake of critical praise."

-C-ville Weekly

"While he had real depth of soul on the first album, he shows real soul on this one. And it is not just the brass he brought in to flesh out the sound. It is the rare-back-and-let-it-go attitude on songs like the opener, 'Side of the Mountain.' It is the almost Everly Brothers approach to 'Different Darkness.' It is the gospel influence heard on 'Hurricane Wind.'"

-No Depression

"The ability to write an easy-feeling song about something with real depth is extremely hard to do, but on the opener, 'Don't Stop Trying,' Anderson has done just that, creating an extremely catchy song with heft."

-The Music Initiative

"Carl Anderson is one of THE most skilled lyricists I know. When accompanied with the talent of matching said lyrics with some homegrown folk tunes, the result is a melodious platter of soul food songs, hearty and pleasing, yet sometimes overwhelming (in a good way)."

-Cville Niche

"It is heartfelt, his music. It is soft and introspective and heartfelt and grips at the gut. He presents his songs like loving parents present their children, proudly and somewhat tentatively, knowing that others will not fully appreciate them--- not in the same way, at least. "

-Rock & Reprise

"Wolftown is all about Carl Anderson, but that shows up in different ways. It showcases an enormous songwriting talent. It rides on Carl's perfect/imperfect voice (it is called phrasing, friends, and Carl has it down). It is production and arrangement and musicianship all brought together for one album. It doesn't happen that often."

-No Depression

"These astonishingly mature and brilliantly written songs are captured by a totally fresh performance. Rarely does such a raw and creative artist find such a refined sound."

-Little Rhodie Productions