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    Girls want to get you high.

    Hailing from San Francisco, CA, Girls have enjoyed a phenomenally short rise to cult-hero status. Lead by singer Christopher Owens, who is a former member of the Children Of God cult, Girls have an incredibly strong work ethic and constant self-promotion.

    Owens attributes much of Girls' style to his shelter from pop culture while being raised in the Children Of God cult. Well, that and heavy drug use, which is a topic of much conversation from the recording of their debut album. Owens has recently remarked that this is now just an occasional occurrence.

    After an extensive European tour in late 2009, Girls returned to the states for their first national headlining tour. The buzz surrounding this band continues to grow, assuring they will be around to make great music for years to come.

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    Janelle Monae wants you to join the robot army.

    Originally intending to be a Broadway performer, Janelle Monae quickly redirected her ambitions after attending the American Musical Academy in New York. Shortly thereafter, Monae relocated to Atlanta, GA where she founded the Wondaland Arts Society and gained the attention of Andre 3000 of OutKast fame.

    Her 2008 debut release, "Metropolis: The Chase Suite", is the first part of a four part suite aptly titled "Metropolis". The first part of four garnered Janelle Monae a grammy nomination in 2009 for Best Urban/Alternative performance for her track "Many Moons".

    A steady buzz has increased Monae's popularity, as well as increased awareness for social justice, which she feels very strongly about and promotes heavily.

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    Bayside is a cult.

    Hailing from Long Island, NY, Bayside has garnered a rabid underground fanbase through extensive touring and self-promotion. Fronted by lead singer/guitarist Anthony Raneri, the band combines pop sensibility with punk rock ethic. Constantly present are harmonized guitar leads by Raneri and the band's lead guitarist Jack O'Shea, as well as intricate vocal harmonies.

    Tragedy struck the band early morning October 31 of 2005 while on tour with label-mates Aiden when their tour van rolled into a ditch off a snowy road. The band's drummer at the time, John "Beatz" Holohan was killed on impact, as well as bass player Nick Ghanbarian suffering from major spinal injuries.

    Tragedy has remarkably not hindered this band's progress, and they are currently writing and recording the follow-up to their 2008 release, "Shudder".

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