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Calendar Icon June 20, 2017
Third Eye Blind Embarks on Tour. Win Tickets on Thrillcall!

“Third Eye Blind gained wide success at the end of the recording industry golden age. Their endurance and ability to adapt through the digital revolution speaks to the ingenuity and creativity found in the music. After four smash albums and millions of records sold worldwide, they continue to write, record and tour, entertaining their core audience while growing a larger, younger and more dedicated fanbase than ever...Check out a list of Third Eye Blind shows below, download the Thrillcall app and enter to win! https://getapp.thrillcall.com/ Access all contests here: https://thrillcall.com/artist/Third-Eye-Blind

Calendar Icon December 16, 2016
Thrillcall - Concerts & Live Music Tickets

Thrillcall puts live music discovery at your fingertips! Browse shows, preview an artist’s tracks, and get tickets in one seamless experience. Connect your social media & streaming services to get alerts for your favorite artists. Plus, Thrillcall brings you unique concert experiences, free tickets, no-fee tickets and exclusive rsvp opportunities.

Calendar Icon August 14, 2016
Haven’t booked your Independence Day long-weekend mini-vacation? Here are some last-minute tips
The Indian Express

Let’s face it. We’ve known about this Independence Day long weekend for quite a while now. Between friends and family, you’ve discussed where all you could go – be it within the country, or even a whimsical trip out to a nearby foreign destination. But between long hours of work and everything else that put a demand on your time and energy, somehow you’ve just not managed to book anything or do much of a research. Fear not, that is exactly why we’re here... 8) If you’ve decided on where you’re going then download a couple of apps that will help you decide what to do there. TripIt and ThrillCall are good options to check out what’s happening locally. Revv is a good app to look for cars on the go.

Calendar Icon July 13, 2015
Got Tickets? Check out ThrillCall

We had a chance to connect with Amber Robertson, Marketing Manager at ThrillCall during the Driven Music Conference. ThrillCall is an emerging concert ticket aggregator thats help fans find concert tickets for their favorite bands and helps artists and bands connect with fans, sell tickets, promote shows and scale tour promotions without the middle man fees.

Calendar Icon February 18, 2015
Pandora’s grand plan: A CRM system for recording artists

Musical acts today make the majority of their money from touring. (Unless, perhaps, you happen to be Taylor Swift.) Because of this, an entire class of apps and Web services exists to help artists promote themselves and their tours. There's Artist Growth, Bandsintown, SongKick, Thrillcall, YPlan, Setlist.fm, Jukely, and Superglued (which appears to have already shut down).

Calendar Icon June 02, 2014
StubHub's new app sells you concert tickets for bands you don't even know about
Venture Beat

People purchase tons of concert tickets through StubHub, so the ticket reseller is giving them their own special mobile app. Today, the company announced that it’s launching a new music-focused app that is taking care of the entire process, from finding events to purchasing tickets. The app is StubHub’s take on SongKick, ThrillCall, Bandsintown, and other similar services that combine music and artist interests with local music event discovery and integrating a ticket-selling business into the experience. People can follow and find artists, learn when and where they’ll perform near them, and purchase tickets through the company’s hub.

Calendar Icon May 20, 2014
In the digital age, theater audiences want to be involved, not just watch, a performance: Michael Rathfon
The Patriot-News

Sitting in a comfortable blue velvet seat, watching one of our world-class performers nail a high note from "Music of the Night" under the unforgiving scrutiny of a spotlight and audibly-perfect audio system brings your focus to this moment, and nothing else. Social media is a way for us to connect with young people and to build anticipation and buzz around a performance. In a 2012 Pew Internet study of 1,244 arts organizations, "81 percent of the organizations...say the internet and digital technologies are 'very important' for promoting the arts" and "78 percent say these technologies are very important for increasing audience engagement." This should come as no surprise. Anyone with a smartphone is now photographer, videographer, and citizen journalist.... With apps like Applauze, ThrillCall, and Goldstar presenting myriad nearby live event options, there are increasing options to connect with this younger demographic.

Calendar Icon April 03, 2014
8 Best Resources for Finding Concerts in Chicago
Take Lessons

Music fans, listen up! Chicago is full of concerts practically every day of the week, so it’s easy to get your live music fix. But how do you keep up-to-date so you know what’s happening and where? Below are the 8 best resources for finding concerts in Chicago... ThrillCall.com is a live events and concerts discovery site, with concert listings as well as ticket offers. Upon subscription, you can sign up for real-time mobile and online alerts for upcoming shows. ThrillCall also offers a mobile app that makes it easy to track artists and share information with friends within your network.

Calendar Icon February 28, 2014
How live music is evolving with the digital age #Bylarm
Music Ally

Digital music isn’t just a recorded thing: there are a growing number of ways that digital technology – from apps and social media to big data – is having an impact on the live music market. A panel at the by:Larm conference in Oslo this morning explored the issues around this...Parker noted the emergence of new apps in the US like Applauze and Thrillcall that have a focus on mobile ticketing (and also discovery of gigs in the first place). But McRoy sounded a note of caution on forcing people to buy tickets on their phones, noting that in 2014, not everyone has a smartphone still.

Calendar Icon August 22, 2013
Push notifications lead to 3x more transactions for concerts
Mobile Commerce Daily

New York-based indie rock band Ra Ra Riot and Rock band Stars used ticketing application Thrillcall to promote their concerts that exclusively sold tickets via mobile, and both bands sold out concerts in minutes.

Calendar Icon July 31, 2013
Surviving Music Festivals With Your Smartphone

THE MASSIVE SUMMER music festivals are a great way to catch short sets from your four favorite bands while tolerating 25 mediocre acts you've never heard of. But like anything that involves leaving the house for an extended period of time, you need to be prepared...How many times have you left the house only to realize 30 minutes later that your tickets are sitting on the counter? Fortunately, many of the fine companies that are happy to charge you five convenience fees for the opportunity to take your money when you buy an overpriced festival ticket. For the iPhone-owning crowd, get into Passbook and trick it out with ticket providers (gougers?) like LiveNation, Ticketmaster, and ThrillCall. Apple's app will keep your tickets in the same place you store your Walgreens club card without the worry of leaving behind a printed ticket. Because you would never leave the house without your smartphone.

Calendar Icon July 25, 2013
Thrillcall Presents Lemonade & Selebrities to Benefit Oxfam
Sensible Reason

As a part of their summer concert series- Thrillcall Presents has teamed up with Oxfam America for a benefit concert featuring the bands Lemonade and Selebrities. The show is this Saturday July 27 starting at 10:30 pm, 21 and up only please. The show is free! Donations will be accepted at the door. All the proceeds of the show will benenfit Oxfam America. Oxfam America is an organization that provides disaster relief and rights the wrongs of poverty, hunger, and injustice. Oxfam’s goals are to provide marginalized peoples with skills, direction and hope to support their families and communities.

Calendar Icon June 24, 2013
Apps pinpoint locations of nearby concerts for music lovers

Music lovers looking for a nearby concert can turn to apps that detect a person's location and list nearby live events based on the type of tunes they and their friends like.

Calendar Icon June 22, 2013
Delicate Steve, sonic illustrator, plays for a good cause in NYC
New Jersey Star-Ledger

Tonight’s concert, the first of a series of shows to be presented at the downtown Manhattan venue by upstart company Thrillcall, is free to the public. There’s a catch, however: To gain entry, you’ll have to download Thrillcall’s app. The service — which curates shows, makes concert suggestions and aims to make concert tickets and VIP passes available through mobile devices — will take donations at the door for Oxfam, an international consortium of poverty-relief nonprofit organizations.

Calendar Icon June 15, 2013
Thrillcall Benefit Concert Series

Are you a fan of live music?" Thrillcall has partnered with Oxfam America to host a free benefit concert series at Mercury Lounge (217 E. Houston St.) exclusively for those who have downloaded the Thrillcall app. The Thrillcall app and website allow users to discover live music shows around the country, and take advantage of exclusive concert offers such as this partnership with Oxfam.

Calendar Icon June 11, 2013
Delicate Steve adds tour dates, including free NYC show
Brooklyn Vegan

As mentioned, Delicate Steve is playing shows this summer, including Glasslands on September 6 (tickets). If you'd like to see him before that and not have to pay to get in, Delicate Steve is playing a free show at Mercury Lounge on June 22 with Superhuman Happiness. The only way to RSVP is via the Thrillcall mobile app which is available on iPhone/iPad, Google, and Android devices. RSVP on the app will open on Wednesday (6/12).

Calendar Icon May 28, 2013
Seven free apps for finding stellar live sounds

How often have you heard someone say, “I don't really like music”? Most people enjoy music, whether they’re classical-concerto buffs or indie-rock megafans. And there’s good reason for that—studies have proven that music can make you happy.

Calendar Icon May 20, 2013
10 Free Apps That Help Music Lovers Save Cash

Because of the speed at which concerts sell out these days, it’s hard to get seats to nearly any show in a major city. That’s where Thrillcall comes into play. Tell the app who you want to see and in which city, tap “Find Tickets,” and you’ll find dozens of options from various vendors, all collected into one place on the Thrillcall app. In some instances, the app offers exclusive access to backstage passes and seats, so you don’t want to buy tickets without consulting Thrillcall, which is available for Android and Apple.

Calendar Icon May 20, 2013
Top Free Concert-Finder Apps
The Recapp

Summertime is coming, and, with it, some of the biggest festivals and live performances around. Last summer, you might have let the best gigs slip right under your nose, but not this one. With the right selection of apps, you’ll be able to find the right shows, purchase tickets with a few taps and be on your way to rock out.

Calendar Icon April 25, 2013
Find Out What's New With Thrillcall
Artist Direct

Thrillcall, a concert app, has enjoyed some exciting new developments. The company now works with more than 70 partners across five major cities to enable everyday music enthusiasts to get exclusive live music offers and to see what's on tap tonight.

Calendar Icon April 17, 2013
Thrillcall Is The Best New App To Discover Live Music
Guys Gab

As a lifelong music enthusiast, I’m always interested in checking out new bands when they come through town. Unfortunately, sometimes I’ll hear about a concert after the fact, which really sucks. If that’s ever happened to you, you need to check out Thrillcall, a live music app for music discovery and exclusive localized “Flash” offers in major cities.

Calendar Icon April 15, 2013
Thrillcall Live Music Review

Spending a night out with friends drinking, seeing a movie or playing a game can be fun, but there’s nothing quite as exciting as going to see live music. Getting the spontaneous urge to see a great band usually leads to hours of research online, but now iOS users no longer have to fret thanks to Thrillcall Live Music. The app not only helps users see who’s playing in their city, but it also makes it possible to buy tickets, see the venue, browse a map and even snag up exclusive offers to shows.

Calendar Icon April 10, 2013
Fresh Meat: 10 new Android apps worth checking out
Android and Me

New apps need lovin’ too, right? Every day there are thousands of new entries on the Google Play store, but many go unnoticed and never receive the attention they deserve. We have shown in the past that this community can discover great apps and launch them to new heights, so we’re bringing back our weekly column Fresh Meat that highlights new apps with less than 100k installs. Browse our new Android app picks below and let us know which ones you enjoy.

Calendar Icon March 31, 2013
Thrillcall Live Music

The best nights out can be spontaneous. Wouldn't it be great if drinks after work could turn into an awesome night at a concert? But tickets probably sold out weeks ago, right? Wait, you need the Thrillcall app.Thrillcall is a live music discovery app that enables you to search for, discover and purchase concert tickets and exclusive offers in a few clicks.

Calendar Icon February 27, 2013
Thrillcall: A Glimpse At The New Myspace Music Gamble
Fast Company

The new Myspace makes strides in its comeback by connecting music lovers with tour dates--and one day, maybe tickets and merchandise.

Calendar Icon January 02, 2013
Thrillcall Live Music Android App Review

If you live in a metro area, then you’re probably used to having a lot of options when it comes to live music, but getting tickets for your favorite bands can be difficult. Even more difficult is finding tickets when you make a spontaneous decision to go to a show. The Thrillcall Live Music app, from Thrillcall.com, wants to help you find great last minute deals on hot shows, even at the last minute. Even when a show is sold out, Thrillcall can help you get tickets, and even backstage passes, when they’re available.

Calendar Icon December 20, 2012
The Ten Most Interesting Startups of 2012

Unlike years past, 2012 lacked debuts by big music services that require tens of millions of dollars of venture capital. Rdio, Vevo and Guvera made the list in 2010. Turntable was on last year's list. In fact, this year's list doesn't have a single service on the list that requires licenses from record labels to operate. Instead, the best and most interesting music startups were the ones that serve artists, sell tickets and aid music discovery.

Calendar Icon December 12, 2012
Using Apps to Find Live Music
Digital Innovation Gazette

Back in the day, finding live music involved observing notices tacked to telephone poles or having someone press a flyer in your hand outside the record shop. Today though, live music finder apps offer the 21st century easier ways to locate a show.

Calendar Icon December 11, 2012
TV Tuesday
TV Tuesday

Live music fans who want to score last-minute tickets to shows should check out Thrillcall. This is a super fun tool that will help you get plugged in with the live music scene in your city. They specialize in letting users purchase day-of-show tickets, search for artists, and receive exclusive offers from the convenience of their mobile app. Today’s TV Tuesday looks at how easy it is to utilize!

Calendar Icon October 14, 2012
Thrillcall Launches Live Music Offer App for Android

Thrillcall, a live event discovery service, has announced that their free app is now available to Android users, allowing even more music fans to discover and purchase exclusive live music offers on the fly, straight from their mobile devices.

Calendar Icon October 10, 2012
What Else? Galaxy Music, Grunge vs. Rap, MUZU, MusicTech, Thrillcall...
Digital Music News

Also, Thrillcall is pretty active this week. The deals-focused concert app just released on Android, and is tossing a nice party or three in San Francisco. Actually, Thrillcall seemed to be just one of several event-focused plays buzzing around at SF MusicTech, alongside others like Tixie and Eventfinda.

Calendar Icon October 10, 2012
Launching: Exclusive Live Music Offers App for Android
Music News Nashville

Thrillcall, a live event discovery service with exclusive daily offers, today announced its free Thrillcall app is now available to Android users. Thrillcalls live music app satisfies spur-of-the-moment music cravings with access to localized flash live music offers and show listings. To see the app in action and to download go to http://getapp.thrillcall.com/.

Calendar Icon October 10, 2012
Thrillcall Sources Sounds for the Spontaneous
Life Of Android

I speak of Thrillcall, a new-to-Android app designed to help people discover, find and buy tickets to live music, last-minute, allowing users access to exclusive offers to live shows every day, VIP access, tickets to sold out shows, backstage passes, complimentary merchandise and intimate events, etc., and a complete listing of that evenings music in every major city.

Calendar Icon October 08, 2012
Thrillcall Brings the Best in Live Music Offers to Android Marketplace

Thrillcall, a live event discovery service with exclusive daily offers, today announced its free Thrillcall app is now available to Android users. Thrillcalls live music app satisfies spur-of-the-moment music cravings with access to localized flash live music offers and show listings.

Calendar Icon October 08, 2012
Thrillcall Live Music
Best Apps Market

Thrillcall does one thing, and one thing only: It helps you find concerts that are happening that day and that day only. You can search your city for what's happening that evening, and get ticket and venue information from the same screen. Even better, the app will display exclusive deals, such as free or low-priced shows, though currently this feature is limited to a few cities only.

Calendar Icon October 08, 2012
Charity Concert at Caf du Nord with Pop Etc., The Frail, and Doe Eye on Tuesday
Broke-Ass Stuart

Feeling like you need to get off your broke-ass and make a difference in this world? Why not come down to Caf du Nord tonight, Tuesday, October 9th at 8 p.m. to fight against poverty across the country? The charity concert is presented by Thrillcall and features three bands that are keen on playing for a greater cause.

Calendar Icon October 08, 2012
Thrillcall App Now Available on Android

The Thrillcall app has been available on iOS for over half a year, and is now coming to Android. Its an app for discovering live music, but with a twist. They have built relationships with over 60 venues across the United States, with special offers available to buy straight from the app. Their localized, exclusive offers are available in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco, with more cities like Austin and Chicago coming soon. They offer VIP access, tickets to sold out shows, backstage passes, and many other things as special offers.

Calendar Icon October 08, 2012
Thrillcall is the Best New App to Discover SF's Live Music Scene

You don't have to live in San Francisco long to know that we have a seriously world-class music scene on our hands here. In any one week, you can see a fuzzed-out garage band that's the darling of the indie scene, jazz legends play at Yoshi's, a performance by the SF Symphony, or world-famous pop legends take over the stage at the Fillmore. One way to see every show that's at your fingertips and get great offers? The new iPhone and Android app from Thrillcall.

Calendar Icon October 05, 2012
Thrillcall and Different Fur present POP ETC/The Frail/ DOE EYE
Different Fur

Next Tuesday, Oct. 9th @ Cafe Du Nord, Thrillcall and Different Fur have teamed up to host Thrillcalls Android Mobile App Launch Party with three of our favorite bands playing, Pop Etc, The Frail and Doe Eye. Download the app here, tickets go on sale today.

Calendar Icon October 04, 2012
The Frail, Pop Etc + Doe Eye @ Caf Du Nord, SF 10/9/12
The Owl Mag

Thrillcall is hosting an exclusive live show on October 9th with POP ETC (their debut show in the Bay Area since the new record and name change!), The Frail, and Doe Eye at Caf Du Nord to celebrate the Thrillcall Android app (download it HERE). All ticket proceeds are going to be donated to the Oxfam Charity Group, so feel free to pitch in!

Calendar Icon September 14, 2012
Stars playing an intimate show at Mercury Lounge after their sold out Webster Hall show (updated dates)
Brooklyn Vegan

As mentioned, Stars came out with a new album, The North, earlier this month and will kick off a tour with Diamond RIngs next week in support of it. That tour hits NYC on September 22 at Webster Hall with California Wives. That show is sold out but Stars will play a free show later that night at the much smaller Mercury Lounge (9/22) with Savoir Adore. You can reserve yourself a spot at that show by picking up "tickets" from the Thrillcall iPhone app, starting Tuesday (9/18) at 10 AM.

Calendar Icon September 14, 2012
Paste to Co-Host Stars Concert on Sept. 22
Paste Magazine

We are excited to announce that we will co-host a Stars concert on Sept. 22 here. The show will be held at The Mercury Lounge in New York, and the band is expected to take the stage a little after midnight EST. The band is currently touring behind their most recent release, the excellent The North.

Calendar Icon September 07, 2012
Top 6 Apps for Going to Concerts (and Reliving Them)

Concerts apps are mostly similar, in that they typically mash the now-familiar GPS on your phone against show listing databases. But when you’re on the run, trying to find that last-minute concert or be among the first to score tickets to something before it sells out or scalpers ruin the party for everyone, only a handful will actually do the job and get you tickets on time.

Calendar Icon August 28, 2012
Thrillcall adds offers, sees increased demand for app

Thrillcall, a live event discovery service that provides access to daily offers and real-time online and mobile alerts, has announced that they are now partnered with over 60 venues across three major cities to give music fans a one-stop place to discover, access, and purchase live music offers.

Calendar Icon August 23, 2012
Live Music App Thrillcall Finds Its Calling, Adds Partners and Expands Into New Cities

When Thrillcall started in 2008 with three people collecting info on live music events, it had one goal in mind: Make sure people don’t miss the show. Six months after the company relaunched as a consumer mobile app, co-founder Matt Tomaszewicz says it has the same mission. But figuring out just how to execute took the startup five years.

Calendar Icon August 09, 2012
Thrillcall’s Matthew Tomaszewicz: Building Bridges Between Live Music & Tech [Interview]

Matthew Tomaszewicz is the co-founder and head of product marketing and business development at San Francisco-based Thrillcall. Thrillcall is an iOS and web app that packages ticket deals on live shows happening that same night in particular cities, and presents them just in time for people to act – kind of like a GroupOn for live music. Hypebot’s Hisham Dahud spent some time with Matthew in San Francisco and sought out to get his thoughts on the music technology space as it pertains to live music.

Calendar Icon August 09, 2012
Check Out What Ra Ra Riot's Rebecca Zeller Has to Say About Thrillcall
Artist Direct

Music apps can often benefit the artist and user, but it's not often you hear about an artist specifically using an app to generate awareness, increase engagement, and most importantly, sell tickets to shows.

Calendar Icon August 02, 2012
Discover New And Local Music With Thrillcall

Music fans should appreciate new live music discovery app, Thrillcall. The app offers the means in which to search for, discover and purchase concert tickets and other exclusive offers, all in the space of a few clicks.

Calendar Icon July 06, 2012
Apple says it has resolved the App Store corrupted updates problem
LA Times

Apple issued a statement late Thursday saying it has resolved App Store issues that were plaguing recently updated apps with crashes.

Calendar Icon June 28, 2012
Thrillcall Launch Party feat. Ra Ra Riot w/ Lissy Trullie

ThrillCall launches its mobile app with a private show featuring Ra Ra Riot and Lissy Trullie. To get a ticket to this party at notorious LES hotspot the Box, just download the app, starting Tuesday, June 26, at 10am (EST). From there, you'll be directed to purchase a $5 ticket to the show — all proceeds go to Oxfam International. Partying for a cause is always good in our book.

Calendar Icon June 27, 2012
Thrillcall App Helps You Discover Live Music Events

We live in the city that never sleeps, in part thanks to our ever-bustling music scene. Concerts are constantly popping up around the island, Monday through Sunday, from evening until sunrise. And thanks to the new application Thrillcall, you finally have a way to keep track of it all.

Calendar Icon June 27, 2012
Thrillcall launches mobile app in New York City

Ticket aggregator and daily deals site Thrillcall is taking its mobile app to New York City this week, and the company plans a never-before-seen marketing move to commemorate the event.

Calendar Icon June 27, 2012
Thrillcall App Doesn’t Want You To Be Bored Tonight

It’s a sad fact: Every night, at venues across the land, bands play to half-empty venues or worse. Meanwhile, people who would enjoy the show sit across town, non-blissfully unaware of what they could be doing, if only they’d thought to check.

Calendar Icon June 27, 2012
Thrillcall offers an option for venues to use their own product and unsold tickets to create buzz about events
Venues Today

As of its New York City launch party June 28 featuring local artists Ra, Ra, Riot and Lissy Trulli, Thrillcall, a marketing and promotion app for ticket sales, will be officially launched in three cities. The service already extends to San Francisco and Los Angeles, and provides music listings for same-day events.

Calendar Icon June 26, 2012
Web App-ening Event: Thrillcall NYC Launch Party with Ra Ra Riot and Lissy Trullie

Who needs a thrill? SoundCtrl does! Enter Thrillcall, a live event discovery service with exclusive daily offers that is putting the “fun” in app functionality, with a New York City launch party this Thursday, June 28th at Lower East Side hot spot, The Box.

Calendar Icon June 25, 2012
New Mobile App Thrillcall to Host NYC Launch Party Thursday

Thrillcall, a new mobile app that delivers exclusive daily offers for live music in your city, will host its New York City launch party on Thursday, June 28. The party, which will feature Ra Ra Riot and Lissy Trullie, will take place at The Box in the Lower East Side. To get tickets to this concert, download the free app here. Tickets cost $5 (all proceeds will go to Oxfam International).

Calendar Icon June 25, 2012
Thrillcall Launch Party ft. Ra Ra Riot, Lissy Trullie

This should be a fun Thursday indeed: Ra Ra Riot and Lissy Trullie are scheduled to perform at the launch party for this new app called Thrillcall, which is a live event discovery service available for your iPhone (sorry Droid people, we feel your pain). You can download the app here, or from the iPhone app store, which is where you will be able to pick up your $5 tickets once you have it installed on your phone. According to Virtual Strategy, tickets go on sale Tuesday the 26th at 10am, so get that app ASAP and be ready to grab up your tickets for what should be an awesome show!

Calendar Icon June 22, 2012
Thrillcall Partners With NYC Venues
Artist Direct

I found my thrill...call. 

Thrillcall, a live event discovery service with exclusive daily offers, has announced its New York City (NYC) launch and partnership with numerous New York venues, giving music fans localized "flash" mobile offers and a complete list of local shows.

Calendar Icon June 20, 2012
Thrillcall: Discover live music with app
Virtual Strategy

Localized Mobile Offers Debut with SummerStage in Central Park and the CBGB Festival

Calendar Icon June 20, 2012
NYC Added To Thrillcall’s Music Event Discovery Service
More Train’s Tracks

Thrillcall, a live event discovery service with exclusive daily offers, today announced its New York City (NYC) launch and partnership with numerous New York venues, giving music fans localized “flash” mobile offers and a complete list of local shows

Calendar Icon June 20, 2012
Daily App Digest
The App Whisperer

Thrillcall, a live event discovery service with exclusive daily offers, today announced its New York City (NYC) launch and partnership with numerous New York venues, giving music fans localized "flash" mobile offers and a complete list of local shows.

Calendar Icon June 20, 2012
Thrillcall Gives New Yorkers Exclusive Live Music Offers
Times Square

Thrillcall, a live event discovery service with exclusive daily offers, today announced its New York City (NYC) launch and partnership with numerous New York venues, giving music fans localized "flash" mobile offers and a complete list of local shows.

Calendar Icon June 20, 2012
Thrillcall Debuts in NYC with an Exclusive Show by Ra Ra Rio
Maid Service New York

As part of their launch in NYC, Thrillcall has also partnered with the Big Apple's renowned festival.

Calendar Icon June 20, 2012
Thrillcall Launches Exclusive Live Music in NYC Debuts at SummerStage + CBGB

Thrillcall, a live event discovery service with exclusive daily offers, today announced its New York City (NYC) launch and partnership with numerous New York venues, giving music fans localized “flash” mobile offers and a complete list of local shows.

Calendar Icon June 20, 2012
New Yorkers Receive Exclusive Live Music Access with Thrillcall
Yahoo! News

June 20, 2012 - Thrillcall, a live event discovery service with exclusive daily offers, today announced its New York City (NYC) launch and partnership with numerous New York venues, giving music fans localized “flash” mobile offers and a complete list of local shows.

Calendar Icon June 12, 2012
Cool Websties and Tools
Make Use Of

ThrillCall – Have you ever missed a local concert of your favorite artist just because you found out too late about it? If yes, then you can surely appreciate a web service that keeps you updated on local concerts of your favorite artists; this is exactly what ThrillCall offers, a free to use web service that keeps you updated on your favorite artists.

Calendar Icon May 17, 2012
Thrillcall and ThingLink create interactive images to sell tickets

Thrillcall, offering listings of live events and select daily deals on local entertainment, has just announced a new agreement with tech company ThingLink to offer rich media tags to Thrillcall's clients.

Calendar Icon May 14, 2012
What Else? NPR, Thinglink, Thrillcall, Coachella, Sigur Rósm CBGB’s, Pledge Music, Ben Folds, Muve…
Digital Music News

ThingLink and Thrillcall are further lubricating the concert awareness and buying experience. It basically works like this: ThingLink embeds lots of metadata into images; now concert commerce partner Thrillcall will be a part of the mix.

Calendar Icon April 17, 2012
Thrillcall: Discover live music with app
The Owl Mag

Thrillcall.com, the most comprehensive and accurate online listing of live music events and tickets, has created an iPhone app (coming soon to Android and already launched in SF) to provide all their amazing website features in the palm of live music fans’ hands. The official launch of the LA branch of their city-by-city national rollout is on Wednesday, April 18th.

Calendar Icon April 16, 2012
Picks of the Week: April 16-22
The Sunset Strip

Celebrating the launch of their new mobile app, Thrillcall presents Nico Vega with Standing Shadows this Thursday, April 19 at The Roxy Theatre. Sort of like Groupon, but for cool last minute live music deals, Thrillcall pays homage to The Sunset Strip by joining forces with The Roxy for this lovely local show, as well as hosting an after-party, lounge soirée down the street at the Viper Room. Festivities begin at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15.

Calendar Icon April 04, 2012
Thrillcall Live Music iPhone App Looks Good

Thrillcall Live Music is quite a promising looking iPhone app for music discovery and purchasing of tickets to local live music events. Here’s a slice of its App Store intro:

Calendar Icon March 26, 2012

Searching for that live music thrill? – In that case, you’ll probably want to check out ThrillCall. Started in 2008, ThrillCall aims to plug you into live music by offering to find live events which feature the artist you like, or which are scheduled to take place at one (or more) of your preferred music venues, and then allows you to buy tickets for the shows or gigs which you are particularly interested in.

Calendar Icon March 16, 2012
Thrillcall: Discover live music with app
USA Today

A new app lets you see what's playing in your city, buy tickets on the spot, view the venue on a map and maybe score some exclusive goodies, too, such as free tickets or backstage passes.

Calendar Icon March 01, 2012
Thrillcall (for iPhone)
PC Mag

Live music fans who want to score last-minute tickets to show should download Thrillcall. The free, live music-discovery app, which specializes in letting users purchase day-of-show tickets, search for artists, and receive exclusive offers from the convenience of their iPhones.

Calendar Icon February 28, 2012
Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Thrillcall's Matthew Tomaszewicz
Artist Direct

Thrillcall's Matthew Tomaszewicz is a smart and forward-thinking guy and that's why he engaged in a Take Aim rapid fire with Amy Sciarretto. The Thrillcall app is one designed expressly for music lovers and concert goers. If you like to understand the science of the marketing of apps, then you will certainly find this informational and educational.

Calendar Icon February 24, 2012
8 Free Apps for Planning Your Perfect Night Out

If your plans involve live music, this app is great for scoping out what's going on. Thrillcall sorts concerts (both small shows and larger venue performances) by distance. Shows for the night are displayed on a map, easily visualizing where the show you want can be found. Thrillcall is available for iPhone and is coming soon for Android.

Calendar Icon February 23, 2012
Free app points to live music around you
Yahoo!: The Right Click

A new app lets you see what's playing in your city, buy tickets on the spot, view the venue on a map and maybe score some exclusive goodies, too, such as free tickets or backstage passes.

Calendar Icon February 21, 2012
Thrillcall Rolls Out New Live Music Discovery App For iPhones

Just in time for Noise Pop, the indie music festival celebrating its 20th anniversary this week, Thrillcall has launched its new iPhone app to discover and get into live events, even at the last minute and after they are sold-out.

Calendar Icon February 20, 2012
The SFist Day-By-Day Guide To The 2012 Noise Pop Festival
The SFist

The 20th anniversary edition of San Francisco's citywide celebration of independent music, art and film officially kicks off tomorrow, Tuesday, February 21st with two marquee events vying for your attention.

Calendar Icon February 20, 2012
Thrillcall: A Groupon For Live Music

Most of the time, the decision to see live music takes place weeks or even months in advance. You know the routine: Talk to your friends to see who else is going, somebody throws down a credit card, and then you put the show on your calendars. Thrillcall, which released an iOS app on Wednesday, flips that process in that the whole point is to find out about shows at the last minute.

Calendar Icon February 20, 2012
Check Out the New Thrillcall Mobile App
Open Source Music

We’re pleased to see that someone is finally helping with live event discovery and access. Thrillcall launched their new mobile app today to satisfy those spur-of-the-moment music cravings with exclusive live music offers for shows in your city.

Calendar Icon February 17, 2012
Business Matters: Thrillcall's New iPhone App Has Your Live Music Daily Deals

Live music event aggregator Thrillcall launched an iPhone app this week that focuses on exclusive tickets and packages. The app may give music fans daily deals, but Thrillcall is no Groupon.

Calendar Icon February 16, 2012
Need Last-minute Concert Tickets? Get the Thrillcall App
Tamb Nguyen Photography

You ever wanted to go to a concert so badly, but the tickets were either too expensive or they were sold out? I hate it when that happens. Sometimes, it wasn’t even due to the fact that there were no tickets available. You know when there’s a concert, you’d first call up your group of friends, discuss about it, and then wait for everyone to respond… next thing you know, the concert day is tomorrow, and you still don’t have the tickets.

Calendar Icon February 16, 2012
Thrillcall helps music fans grab exclusive last-minute tickets

Live event discovery service Thrillcall has released a new app for the iPhone and iPod touch designed to help music fans quickly and easily search for, discover and purchase concert last-minute tickets on the go.

Calendar Icon February 16, 2012
Noise Pop pops: Do415, Thrillcall push San Francisco events
San Francisco Business Times

Just in time for the Noise Pop music festival, it’s getting a whole lot easier to find cool things to do on a moment’s notice in the Bay Area.

Calendar Icon February 16, 2012
Snag Last-Minute Concert Tickets With The New Thrillcall iOS App

Thrillcall has taken its live music discovery site and transformed it into a mobile app to let you find and purchase tickets to live music events when you’re out and about. The app has exclusive offers for shows and makes finding a local concert much more simple.

Calendar Icon February 16, 2012
ThrillCall Launches App With Exclusive Event Offers

Touring is typically a musician’s primary source of revenue. So it’s surprising that the music industry hasn’t really upgraded the way it keeps fans updated on upcoming shows. There are social media blasts, but mostly, musicians just use email. ThrillCall, a concert listing website formed in 2008, launched an iPhone app today to do that.

Calendar Icon February 09, 2012
Thrillcall Announces Mobile App for Last-minute Ticket Offers
Live Music Blog

Thrillcall has been in the concert listings game for a few years now with a site that’s similar to the likes of Songkick, Bandsintown and JamBase. But today, they’ve announced a new mobile app that will offer a twist on the concert listings game — exclusive ticket offers.