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1015 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103, US +1(415) 991-1015

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San Francisco is home to one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in North America and sitting right at the heart of it is 1015 Folsom. Since 1986, 1015 has been home to some of the most notable events in the Bay Area. From long running legendary weeklies like Release, Nikita and Spundae to annual events like the Get Freaky Afterburn and Gus Presents massives, this 2000 person venue has always been one of the IT spots in a city filled with options.

The vast 20,000 square foot space, which houses 5 separate rooms, each with full bars and DJ booths, allows for parties of virtually every size and scale. The modern decor boasts only the finest finishes, featuring Brazilian hardwood dance floors, sterling silver tiles and cracked glass bar tops. Spectacular design features abound including a 400 square foot water-wall with video display capacities, a custom color changing room, and a dramatic 40 tall tastefully appointed Moroccan mezzanine.

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