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2500 Victory Avenue, Dallas, TX, 75219, US +1(214) 222-3687

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American Airlines Center (AAC) is a multi-purpose arena, located in the Victory Park neighborhood, near downtown Dallas, Texas. American Airlines Center serves as the home to the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Stars. The arena is also used for concerts and other live entertainment. It opened in 2001 at a cost of $420 million. Capacity Basketball: 19,200, up to 21,146 with standing room. Ice hockey: 18,532, up to 19,109 with standing room. Concerts: 21,000

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American Airlines Center, a concert venue in Dallas
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  • Donna
    Donna reviewed: Prince @ American Airlines Center

    This was the first time I had gotten to see this amazing man perform. I was so totally mesmerized by him. I`ve loved you since your first song I Wanna Be Your Lover. You are the BEST performer out there. I will always be your #####1 FAN. U R the only perform I`ve stayed true 2. I hope 2 C U N concert soon. Always true 2 u.

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  • Anna
    Anna reviewed: Aerosmith @ American Airlines Center

    We have seen Aerosmith a few times in Dallas, but this by far was their best concert. Steven Tyler is THE frontman of rock & roll, and Joe Perry can still shred the guitar to perfection. Joey Kramer's drum solo is nothing short of brilliant. We love these guys! Go while you is sooo worth the $$. ♫♩♪

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  • Anna
    Anna reviewed: Aerosmith @ American Airlines Center

    Just saw Aerosmith less than two weeks ago, and they were insanely good. If they tour behind the new album in November, I will go see them again. They played "Legendary Child" and "Oh Yeah" from the new album, plus most of the classics. Twenty-one songs in all, with 3 encores. I posted "Draw The Line" and "Dream On" on YouTube (under this date, venue, and name) for anyone who wants to take a look. I was close enough to Steven to reach out and touch him...and DID...on the side ramp. I will not forget it! Hope they make it to St. Louis and Indy for you guys...Joe Perry and Steven Tyler 'don't miss a thing'. They look great, sound great, and entertain like no others. Joey Kramer does a rad drum solo, and a shoutout to Tom Hamilton for playing for us on the right side of the stage. Looking forward to Brad Whitford on That Metal Show soon. If you get the chance to see them, GO!

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  • Katy
    Katy reviewed: Justin Bieber @ American Airlines Center

    Wazz up.. [JB]Love youre Music,Style by the way i"m Katie 15 turning 16 August.1 Youre Amazing i dont care what Haterz say anyway can you come to Dallas? Follow Me>>> @KatieErickson4

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  • Andrew
    Andrew reviewed: Van Halen @ American Airlines Center

    Band sounded great musically. Eddie didn't miss a note. I was even surprised at how well the backing vocals sounded this time around. HOWEVER....DLR sounded just awful. I like the guy, but it was a struggle for me to actually enjoy the show due to his lack of interest in actually singing the songs. I don't mind some embellishment from time to time... but to just skip words constantly and sing with different inflections constantly drove me nuts (not to mention the drum major act). I understand he can't do it like he did back in 81... but just don't do it if you can't perform something at least similar. I really don't think I'll go again. Never dreamed I'd say that...I love VH and will continue to. I do like the new album...just not DLR live.

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