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200 South Denver, Tulsa, OK, 74103, US +1(918) 894-4200

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BOK Center, a concert venue in Tulsa
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  • Aliza
    Aliza reviewed: Justin Bieber @ BOK Center

    whoa, this is creepy-wen all the fans say "i love you, justin bieber!!! marry me! omg, ur so cute!" it's not like justin's gonna get up & date all the bieber-crazed fans. im just saying-my thought counts. i ain't insulting any1, if any1's gonna insult me, sure go ahead-insult a hearing impaired.

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  • john
    john reviewed: Carrie Underwood @ BOK Center

    This show was worth the price of the ticket,the shows only downside was the Sons Of Sylvia but after hearing there music and there genre on the itune site they were just put in the wrong concert crowd,although the lead singer and Carrie do a great duet in her show. the other artist Billy ? band was awesome and then Carrie Fisher oops Underwood did a great show. Recommend this show to see in 2010,you won't be diappointed.

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  • justin
    justin reviewed: Hank Williams, Jr. @ BOK Center

    this was my 43rd time to see hank in concert since 1979 . the first time was at loyd noble center in norman okla. ive been to his shows in several states. getn ready to see him in little rock . im a true hank fan and i will go to his show every time that i can .

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  • mavis
    mavis reviewed: Tim McGraw @ BOK Center

    i was at your concert and you had the camra mans camra and you put me and my daughter on the big screen and i was woundering how i could see that live thank you so much for coming to tulsa cant wait to see you live again

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