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125 S. Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46204, US +1(317) 917-2727

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Bankers Life Fieldhouse is an indoor arena located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It is the home of the Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association and the Indiana Fever of the Women's National Basketball Association. The Fieldhouse also hosts college basketball games (including the annual Big Ten Conference tournaments), indoor concerts, and ice hockey.


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Bankers Life Fieldhouse, a concert venue in Indianapolis
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  • Jesse
    Jesse reviewed: Black Eyed Peas @ Bankers Life Fieldhouse

    I LOVE U PLZ WRITE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Paula
    Paula reviewed: George Strait @ Bankers Life Fieldhouse

    George, How do you do it?? Your music is effortless, more exciting and entertaining than any I have heard. Eee hawww... coming to Tenn... gonna look up some hats and sweet boots... How bout those cowgirls, hey ain't they somethin...

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  • Paula
    Paula reviewed: George Strait @ Bankers Life Fieldhouse

    George, Hey baby, thanks for all yo do for those of us who enjoy some Really Great music.... you are so gifted, and it flows out of you like music flowed out of Lou Rawls... just sing.... May our Lord Bless you and those you love George... I saw you in Indy at Verizon in 2010 and Conseco 02,17,1011... Reba, Lee Ann and YOU!!!! ROCK THIS HOUSE TONIGHT!!!!WOw we are so blessed to have you! Thanks George. If ever, I would like to come rope a cow or something with you alll.........

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  • Anna
    Anna reviewed: Justin Bieber @ Bankers Life Fieldhouse

    The Justin Bieber concert was a very tmagical nigh!! I was star struck, love struck, and astonished when Justin Bieber came out on stage! <33 Justin made us all scream, cry, and shout for him to notice us. When he was in his metal heart frame singing and playing on his guitar made me amazed by his singing. When Justin was dancing, singing, playing it made cry to know how good of a singer he really was. Nothing made me stop believing in the magical moment in had at the Justin Bieber concert!! I love Justin Bieber and I will always from his first video to his last video. No one will ever stop me from beliebing!! I will love Justin Bieber through anything!! <33 I love Justin Bieber and you should always too!! <33

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