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The Old Coupland Inn and Dance Hall

This building, built in 1904 began as the Coupland Drug Company in 1911. It was also called Albers Drug Store in 1948. Three doctors practiced medicine and used a hand powered x-ray machine. The Coupland Tavern, built in 1910, was formerly a hardware store, where pun-offs were held there quarterly. It also housed a newspaper called the Coupland World Globe News.

A bar/bar-back from the Old Tavern that was formerly in the Old Schlunberg Hotel is over 100 years old. It was bought and moved to the now Coupland Dance Hall by the Worthy’s. It has bullet holes in the bar. The other bar/bar-back came out of a River Boat on the Mississippi River and the Worthy’s moved it from Louisiana to Coupland.

In March, 1992 Barbara and Tim Worthy converted the former Speckles Grocery into a Texas-sized (7,000 plus square foot) dance hall, and named it Coupland Dance hall & Tavern. The tradition & hospitality of the Old Coupland Inn was rejuvenated in the spring of 1993, when Barbara and Tim cranked up the pit, stirred up family recipes, & threw open the doors to the Coupland Inn. Opening the BBQ establishment was the second phase of the couple’s overall plan to revitalize downtown Coupland.

Proud of the rich TX heritage that Coupland has to offer, Tim and Barbara are interested in history & love to dance. Barbara says “We feel warm when we walk into these old buildings. We look forward to taking a two step into the next century while preserving the past.

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