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4400 University Dr, Fairfax, VA, 22030, US +1(703) 993-3000

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The EagleBank Arena (originally the Patriot Center) is a 10,000-seat arena in Fairfax, Virginia. It is located on the campus of George Mason University. In 2010, the Patriot Center was ranked No. 7 nationwide and No. 12 worldwide according to ticket sales for venues with capacities between 10,001 and 15,000 by trade publication Venues Today.

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EagleBank Arena, a concert venue in Fairfax
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  • Carol
    Carol reviewed: American Idols Live 2013 @ EagleBank Arena

    My daughter and I went to the concert last night and thought it was great...very exciting to actually see the idols live.... If only we could have heard them better. The band,especially the drummer , was sooo loud we could barely here the singers--- the back-up singers' voices were basically non-existent. We did NOT come to hear a ROCK BAND, we did want to hear the GREAT Idol voices in addition to the guitar and piano songs played by Angie and Janelle. How beautiful they would have been without the loud drum and cymbals. May I suggest that the band play out in the parking lot during subsequent concerts--- at least tone down everything but the singers. This must be a huge strain on the Idols' voices, having to sing over the band night after night. Sincerely, A DISGRUNTLED IDOL FAN

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  • Mark
    Mark reviewed: Green Day @ EagleBank Arena

    Awesome. Great sound and showmanship. I hope these guys never stop!

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  • Cinde
    Cinde reviewed: Celtic Woman @ EagleBank Arena

    Our first one, the Songs from the Heart concert. True magic. We were hooked.

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  • Kennetha
    Kennetha reviewed: Aaron Lewis @ EagleBank Arena

    Heard Aaron sing the new "Country Boy" on the Andrew Wilkow radio show today and loved it! First time I've heard Aaron Lewis (I'm from an older generation) but I definitely relate to his words and the guitar sounds were beautiful. Listening to him play "Vicious Circles" now and he is blowing me away! So great that Wilkow had Aaron as a guest on the show today.....what a treat!

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