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124 W 1st St, Flint, MI, 48502, US +1(810) 555-5555

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Flint Local 432 is one of the longest-running all-ages venues in the country, having hosted thousands of bands since its start over three decades ago. We are a program of Red Ink Flint, a youth focused non-profit that provides access to the arts and other activities in downtown Flint.

We were founded to provide a venue for local bands to play, and that remains our primary focus. All-ages venues are important because young people are continually excluded from participating in music due to age restrictions. In the years since we formed we have gone from being mostly a punk rock club to one that books a wide variety of musical styles; punk, indy, rock, metal, hip hop, Americana and more. In addition we also program other artistic disciplines, including theatre, film, dance, spoken word and puppetry.

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Flint Local 432, a concert venue in Flint
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