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11000 Everblades Pkwy, Estero, FL, 33928, US +1(239) 948-7825

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The arena was first named Everblades Arena in 1998 after the hockey team that played there. TECO Energy was the first company to obtain the naming rights to the building, changing the name to TECO Arena. In 2004, TECO Energy decided they were no longer interested in holding the naming rights. Germain Motor Company bought the rights, and in 2004 the venue was renamed to Germain Arena.

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Germain Arena, a concert venue in Estero
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  • John
    John reviewed: Willie Nelson @ Germain Arena

    I was disappointed. If Mr. Nelson's family and management intend to keep on trotting the living legend out in front of audiences until he drops, they need to start thinking about what they might do to make sure the 4,000 people who put down $60 to $90 per seat get their money's worth. Willie can still sing, but it's time to turn the volume on his guitar down, because he pretty much can't play it any more. There is no way his road crew does not know this, and yet they still subjected us to Mr. Nelson's declining skills with the guitar at the absolute loudest volume the PA could manage. Not smart. I don't care how Willie feels about it: I am the customer. Somebody needs to fix this. If the band had been allowed to compensate, we might have enjoyed the show.

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  • John
    John reviewed: Jamey Johnson @ Germain Arena

    Opened for Willie Nelson. The sound system was overdriven and bass boosted so badly we almost could not bear it. The performance was boring, depressing and totally lacked energy and commitment. A huge disappointment.

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