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1921 West Lee Street, Greensboro, NC, 27403, US +1(336) 373-7400

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The Greensboro Coliseum Complex is an entertainment and sports complex located in Glenwood neighborhood of Greensboro, North Carolina, in the United States. Opening in 1959, the arena was once one of the largest venues in the South, with a seating capacity of over 23,000. The complex holds nine venues that includes an amphitheater, arena, aquatic center, banquet hall, convention center, museum, performing arts center, theatre and an indoor pavilion.

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Greensboro Coliseum, a concert venue in Greensboro
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  • Cathy
    Cathy reviewed: Rod Stewart @ Greensboro Coliseum

    wish I could have seen him, but the show is canceled

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  • Long
    Long reviewed: Prince @ Greensboro Coliseum

    I need to preface what I'm about to say by stating that this concert was concert # 10 for me. I absolutely LOVE PRINCE!!!! I received 6 phone calls from friends/family telling me that they heard Prince was coming to Greensboro because everyone knows how much i ADORE PRINCE. I debated on not going to work 3/14/2011(tickets went on sale)because i was that eager to make sure i got tickets. It's really hard for me to say something negative about a Prince concert; but the show on 3/26/2011 has been my least favorite performance and the most i've ever paid for tickets. I can't say that i've ever seen Prince perform songs that belonged to other artists. At first i thought the Michael Jackson song was a tribute to Michael Jackson. He then performed songs by THE TIME (2-3) and later he went into a long version of PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC and i really wondered why we sang WHICH WAY IS UP; i've only heard that song when watching the Richard Pryor movie with the same title. I would have much rather seen Prince perform songs of his own; even if he did or didn't have a hand in writing the above mentioned songs. I was almost certain that Prince and Chaka Khan would perform I FEEL FOR YOU together since she was the opening act for Prince. I will still go and see Prince again and again! FLEJ Greensboro, NC

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  • Luvlyladyt
    Luvlyladyt reviewed: Prince @ Greensboro Coliseum

    On Saturday, March 26th, I had the pleasure of seeing Prince again for the third time, and I must say he was breath taking!!! Not only is he a musical genius, he has a beautiful spirit and a genuine love for his music. He came out on the stage as sharp as always and tore the house down!! Everyone there was on their feet, dancing, screaming with excitement. I love you Prince for life!! Please dont stop the tour I want more...

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  • Stephanie
    Stephanie reviewed: Prince @ Greensboro Coliseum

    This was my second time seeing Prince at the Greensboro Coliseum. The last time was 24 years ago. This show that he put on this past Saturday was great. I had a good time. I wanted Prince to sing all night. The energy that he brings on stage as well as to the crowd is electric. When he left the stage the crowd was cheering for more of him, and yes he came back on for his fans. Like the artist said "Do you know how many hits I got?" He was soooooo great. Anytime you have a chance to see Prince in concert you just know you will see greatness in action. He even chilled with the crowd, shaking hands and hugging fans. I love you Prince. Your #1 fan!!!!!

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  • greeneyes201059
    greeneyes201059 reviewed: Prince @ Greensboro Coliseum

    I am a huge Prince fan I've always dreamed of going to his show. He did an AMAZING job he took my breathe away. Please do more shows Prince I LOVE U...

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