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15 E. Caracas Ave, Hershey, PA, 17033, US +1(717) 534-3405

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Hershey Theatre is a 1904-seat theater in downtown Hershey, Pennsylvania. The theater owes its existence to chocolate magnate and philanthropist Milton S. Hershey. Hershey Theatre was opened in September, 1933, as part of Hershey's Great Building Campaign of the Depression.

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Hershey Theatre, a concert venue in Hershey
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  • Katie
    Katie reviewed: Fresh Beat Band @ Hershey Theatre

    Would love to see you in Hershey, PA!

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  • Sandra
    Sandra reviewed: Randy Travis @ Hershey Theatre

    Saw concert and it was Just OK!. Sang a little over an hour--not worth the $. He told more jokes than previous concerts. Could have done without them--came to hear the singing.Kept chewing gum thoughout the concert. Kept going to a cup behind him--most likely it was booze. Had it been water, he would have drank from bottle. Sat down through most of his singing. Too Drunk or Tired to stand? I saw all his concerts in this area--would I go again? NO--not worth the $ I paid. Randy should put the effort in writing and singing which is what he is know for in lieu of his drinking. I guess Lib kept him in line and since she is no longer in the picture--he is throwing his life away. At this rate--one day we will read really bad news in the newspaper--all due to his own making,

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  • destiny
    destiny reviewed: Justin Bieber @ Hershey Theatre

    hey i love you justin i wish i cuold meet you your the best person i ever known that was famous and cute

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