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17 Irving Place, New York, NY, 10003, US +1(212) 777-6800

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Irving Plaza is a 1,025-person ballroom-style music venue in the Union Square neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. The three-level auditorium has served as a Polish Army veterans' headquarters, a swing music ballroom, a rock venue and has hosted church services as well. It is featured on the Complex City Guide list of "50 Best Concert Venues of America".

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Irving Plaza, a concert venue in New York
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  • taylor
    taylor reviewed: Pierce the Veil @ Irving Plaza

    pierce the veil was truly amazing they put 100 percent effort into there shows making sure it is not just fun for them but there fans as well all songs sound just like there albums and vicks voice sounds amazig live they make sure in each song it touches u in a sertant way that will leave u singing weather u know the words are not the pierce the veil concert was the most amazing nite of my life and very unforgettable if there is a band u wanna see they are it so stop reading this and get tickets to there next show _ by taylor brooklyn

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