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777 Chick Hearn Court, Los Angeles, CA, 90015, US +1(213) 763-6030

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The Microsoft Theater, formerly known as the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, is a music and theatre venue located in downtown Los Angeles.

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Microsoft Theater, a concert venue in Los Angeles
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  • Esmeralda
    Esmeralda reviewed: Nicki Minaj @ Microsoft Theater

    Nicki u set da stage on fiiiiiiiiirrreeeee!!! Awesum nite! u rockeeed!! Barbiiieee Biiiiitch!!! u defenetely know how 2put on a motha fuken show!!!

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  • pamelarobles
    pamelarobles reviewed: Justin Bieber @ Microsoft Theater

    dear justin, i absolutely love you! please try to come to the nokia theater in california los angeles. i would really aprecciate it. if you cant, i absolutely understand you are probably really busy and have more important thing 2 do than make my day. love, pamela

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  • Walter
    Walter reviewed: Diana Ross @ Microsoft Theater

    FAB-UL-OUS!!! Loved every minute. First class all the way.... Miss Ross you are, have ALWAYS been and, will ALWAYS be, Amazing!!! I felt your love and send it back!!!

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  • Jonathan
    Jonathan reviewed: American Idols Live 2013 @ Microsoft Theater

    Lee has the most potential. Glad he won.

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