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More than 100 years ago it smelled of fresh bread rolls, now the mood for rock concerts. The former guesthouse "Zum Deutschen Haus" in Lütgendortmunderstraße 43 houses today the "Musical Theater". From the outside, the building looks like a typical inn of the early 20th century. Inside, however, visitors can expect impressive rooms in the Jugendstil - a building style that is rarely to be found in Dortmund.

As you approach the "Piano" over the Lütgendortmunderstraße, the exceptionally large volume of the building is immediately apparent. On a second glance, however, the unusual structure of the building and a few facade details are obviously irritating. A first inscription on how these inconsistencies might be connected is given by an inscription on the court door: "1873. Wilh. Rye cumin 1903 ". Obviously the guesthouse "Zum Deutschen Haus" was not built in one cast.

As early as 1873 the eastern part of today's monument was built as a bakery and inn "Zum deutsche Haus" with the classical gable. Thirty years later an expansion of the thriving restaurant industry was worthwhile. The bakery was abandoned, the guesthouse greatly expanded, the jewelery of the old building facade adapted to the new building. A new large hall with a stage and balcony offered space for all kinds of performances at family and club parties.

At the end of the 1960s, demand in the catering industry declined. Many people spent more and more evenings at home after television had entered the everyday life. In the 1970s, therefore, a part of the property was used as a student residence.

Only today's operators have awakened the splendid Art Nouveau hall from its Sleeping Beauty sleep. As a place for music events, especially the jazz, blues and rock scene, the piano is well known and well-known far beyond Dortmund.


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Musiktheater Piano, a concert venue in Dortmund
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