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220 Weybosset Street, Providence, RI, 02903, US +1(401) 421-2787

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The Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC) (formerly Loew's State Theatre and Palace Concert Theater) is a multi-use theater located at 220 Weybosset Street in Providence, Rhode Island. The building was built as a movie palace by the Loews Theatres chain and opened in 1928. PPAC contains over 3000 seats and hosts touring Broadway shows, concerts, plays and films.


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Providence Performing Arts Center, a concert venue in Providence
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  • Princess
    Princess reviewed: Justin Bieber @ Providence Performing Arts Center

    i love u i'm one of ur biggest fan in rhode island i wish u've a concert in providence may the lord be with u n take u safely on ur concert>3 loooovvee uuuuu.

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  • Horn
    Horn reviewed: Yanni @ Providence Performing Arts Center

    This is yet another spectacular tour-de-force for Yanni with excellent singers more as a back-up to the instrumentalists (original Yanni!) You are in for a stunning and comprehensive visual and auditory experience that will titillate your senses. One of Yanni's many abilities is to surround himself with musicians of quantifiable excellence. For example, the powerful yet adroit brass section is comprised of Jason Carder on power lead/soloing trumpet, Dana Teboe on blisteringly fast, sizzling trombone and Jim Mattos on a ripping, roaring and extreme-ranging yet lush French horn. The entire orchestra puts forth a dynamic, all-encompassing and enveloping sound that is guaranteed to transport every audience member out of normal time/space into a musical world of peace, relaxation and revitalization. On a side note, I've had the distinct yet humbling pleasure of meeting all of Yanni's musicians off-stage and have found each one to be a warm, delightful human being. Yanni has once again succeeded in putting together a finely-knit musical family that is guaranteed to play every concert with poise and passion. Indulge deserve the Yanni experience! (And, no, I am NOT a paid endorser...just a blunt and forthright musical consumer.)

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  • megaelena9
    megaelena9 reviewed: Justin Bieber @ Providence Performing Arts Center

    hi justin can you do a concert im only nine and for my birthday i just wanted you to do a concert in rhode island please

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