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601 E. Leigh Street, Richmond, VA, 23219, US +1(804) 780-4970

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Richmond Coliseum is an arena in Richmond, Virginia, where the SPHL Richmond Renegades played until the 2008–2009 season and the SIFL Richmond Raiders play starting with the 2010 season. It is also the venue for various large concerts. The arena opened in 1971 and holds 13,500 people. The Jacksons performed at Richmond Coliseum on August 4, 1981 during their Triumph Tour. A small fire occurred there in 1997, shutting it down for repairs. It is managed by SMG.

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Richmond Coliseum, a concert venue in Richmond
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  • victoria
    victoria reviewed: Justin Bieber @ Richmond Coliseum

    justin can you make your way to virginia?? please my sisters turning 8 on august 15 and im turning 14 on july 30th and it would mean the world to us if you came into town for us were your number one fans our room is covered in your posters and we have your flatheads(: well i <3 you jdb!!! and cant wait to see your next concert(:!!!! ahh and hopefully me or my sister will be the one less lonely girl!(: <3 victoria lynn johnson from petersburg virginia!

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