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3900 West Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, CA, 90306, US +1(310) 330-7300

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The Forum, Presented by Chase (commonly known as The Forum) is an indoor arena in Inglewood, California, a city adjacent to Los Angeles. It is located at 3900 West Manchester Boulevard, across 90th Street (re-dedicated as Pincay Drive in December 2003) and to the north of the Hollywood Park racetrack and casino, about three miles east of Los Angeles International Airport. It is a prominent feature on the landing approach to the airport from the east.

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The Forum, a concert venue in Inglewood
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  • Kamille
    Kamille reviewed: Prince @ The Forum

    This was my fourth time seeing Mr. Nelson, and I have to say he just gets better with time. I have loved and admired Prince since I was 13 years old. I was fortunate to get to see him when I 17 when I went to see Sheila E with my very best two girlfriends. and he made a guest appearance and sang "Glamorous Life" with her and then sang three of his own songs. The second time I saw him was 20 years later. He was promoting his 3121 CD release. I got to bring my 13 year old daughter with me to the Hollywood Tower Records for a very intimate concert for about 150 people. I mean at one point he put he guitar out in the audience and I got to touch it! The third time I saw him was for my 40th birthday! It was on the day. It was at the Nokia Theater. He was doing three concerts in one night that night. I was at the first concert. Again he didn't let me down. He was more than awesome. His spirituality shown through. The peace in his heart was abundant. The latest time I saw him was this past April 22, 2011 at The Great Western Forum this was for my 42nd birthday. This time I got to go with my best friend again just like the Sheila E. concert. I feel like it was full circle. 25 years later and he still brought out that high school girl in me. Screaming when the lights went down waiting for him to come out on to the stage, my smile from ear to ear when I finally got to see him, grabbing on to my friend next to me because I wanted to hug him but she was the one that was there, the tears streaming down my face when he sang. Yes it has been 29 years that I have loved the named Prince, even when he had no name I loved him. Even when people thought he was the weirdest person on earth, I loved him. I am a Prince fan until the end of time! I truly adore him!

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  • Loretta
    Loretta reviewed: Prince @ The Forum

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so so much! I can't say it enough. I have been to several shows, but after last night... There is no way to improve on that. My family calls me a "PRINCE stalker" because of the distances I will & have gone to 2 see a show. Three shows in as many months. I live in CA and have gone as far as NY. Well I just made it home from L.A. 6 hrs on the road. So, I gotta get some rest for the next show. As of today, no further dates scheduled. Good I need some rest. Thank you, MR. Nelson, my Prince. See you soon, I hope!

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