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12408 W Saltair Dr, Magna, UT, 84044, US +1(801) 250-6205

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  • Kate
    Kate reviewed: HIM @ The Great SaltAir

    I finaly went to see the band for the first time. I wasn't able to stand so they put me to the far right corner of the stage. Where I was in frount of the gated rale. Followed by 3-5 security behind and next to me. I was recording some of St. Valentine on my phone. To my suprize after I got home, after watching what I recored. I found Ville singing a entire verse to me. It has made my entire Love for the band having being very special to me. Also to report they were AMAZING to listen to it was like a dream. They are my top band for ever.......... I have 5 tat'z with their beautiful Heartagram symbols. Thank'z for making me feel Special that wonderess night of never ending memories. Love to the BAND, Bam Margera & the FAN'Z who without I'd be lost still. 8> Glass Coffen girl, Kitty Katt

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  • Anthony
    Anthony reviewed: Dylan @ The Great SaltAir

    I saw him at a place called Salt Air in salt lake city right off The Great Salt Lake ! He was phenominal ! That is putting it mildly ! I missed the Dear Valley show I was extreamly bummed ! Anthony VanHorn

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