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1290 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA, 94109, US +1(415) 673-5716

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Built in 1909, The Regency Center is considered the finest example of Scottish Rite temple architecture in the country, featuring Gothic, neoclassic, and Beaux-Arts styles. The building has housed a Masonic Temple, a dance studio, the Polish Arts Foundation, and a movie theater. Recently restored to its original splendor, this landmark offers three levels of unique gathering space.

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The Regency Ballroom, a concert venue in San Francisco
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  • Thrillcall
    Thrillcall reviewed: Yelle @ The Regency Ballroom

    When the casual listener stumbles across something so avant garde as French electro sensation Yelle, several things can happen. Elation, immediate obsession, repulsion, and many many more emotions. To those seasoned in the ways of the French, Yelle is quite the treat. Sparking a dance-craze in France known as “Tektonic” with the video to her track “A Cause des Garçons,” this quirky lass packed the Regency Grand Ballroom last week. Starting off her killer set of some of the danciest electro-pop around, Yelle launched into a “love song” as she called it, “Je Veux Te Voir.” The song actually originated as a diss track towards Cuizinier of French electro-rap group TTC in response to the rampant misogyny contained in his lyrics. The stage was ablaze with neon lights galore and enough 80′s dayglo to commit a violation on the eyes. Then there were the outfits. My god the outfits. She must have gone through at least 8 costume changes, each more bizarre than the previous. It didn’t matter that all of her songs are in French, the international language of music was king that night, and everyone that came to get down did so with reckless abandon.

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  • Thrillcall
    Thrillcall reviewed: Lykke Li @ The Regency Ballroom

    Grimes began her set in an oversized camel colored “grandma” sweater, with bleach blond bangs, and the rest of her hair pulled back in a messy, dark pony tail. Somehow, on her thin frame this was the most chic combination we could imagine. The fog machine infused lights exchanged colors between hot pink and darkness, somewhat characteristic of Grimes herself. She chugged what looked like Anchor Steam beer in between sets, and although she was probably new to much of the audience, that didn’t keep them from screaming “I LOVE YOU GRIMES!” at the top of their lungs. Her multitasking ability to act as DJ to the hundreds, while singing live in various haunting styles, messing with recordings, keyboards, and loops that got the entire crowd bouncing is what I found so impressive about Grimes. As if those talents weren’t enough she also paints, draws and skips rope “1,000 times before each show.” I watched her entire set that ran about an hour long, entertaining and beat bumping in its entirety. Unfortunately, however, my cohort started feeling very ill as the night wore on so we had to leave before Lykke Li ever even emerged. Bummed and heartbroken by the loss is what I would have been without Grimes’ performance. Because, despite my early departure from the show, and the absence of seeing my twenty-something hero, Lyyke Li, I truly felt that seeing Grimes was worth the $30 and the various bus rides it took to complete the trek. (Read the rest of this review at

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  • kimberly
    kimberly reviewed: Escape The Fate @ The Regency Ballroom

    I took my daughter to your show with alesana, motionless in white, get scared and drive A, it was an awesome show, I have been trying to understand my daughter lately and accept the fact that she dresses different and whatevet, but since taking het to your show u have change how I feel about it, I really enjoyed the show and the basic overall message to the kids of " be who u r and screw anyone who makes fun of u, I think I have even become a fan, I look forward to finding another show to take her to, she was so excited to because Craig was walking around and stopped out front of the venue and took pictures with her and signed autographs, she was so happy! Although she would have loved to meet the rest of u! Her birthday is coming up and I would love to take her to another show, since this one rocked! If there is any way u can help me with that or something special for her for her birthday, I would be sooooo grateful!!! Keep doing what your doing, I think u r doing great things for these kids who feel different or left out, I loved the smile on her face as she watched your show from the front row!! Thank u!!!

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