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2384 West River Rd, Nichols, NY, 13812, US +1(888) 946-8464

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Tioga Downs is a county-fair-themed standardbred racetrack (5/8 mile) and racino located on a 138-acre (0.56 km2) site in Nichols, New York. Tioga Downs originally was a quarterhorse track known as "Tioga Park" in 1976, closing down after its third season. James Nuckel, then owner, stated that, "the track had been losing thousands of dollars a day and was still in the red after three years of operation" (New York Times, 1978). Thereafter, a few private races and the occasional flea market were held at the location.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tioga_Downs

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Tioga Downs, a concert venue in Nichols
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