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1601 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN, 55104, US +1(651) 647-8486

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The Turf Club is a historic landmark in the Twin Cities music world. One might wonder how this club set in the Midway—the land between downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul—amongst porn and pawn shops, liquor stores and Ax Man, maintains a name at all. This is not the hubbub of nightlife; no river views, no skyscrapers, no horse carriages or antique fire trucks, no pretty street lights, no Snoopy. It's University bus stops and Snelling traffic.

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Turf Club, a concert venue in Saint Paul
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  • Rob
    Rob reviewed: Run Westy Run @ Turf Club

    Please read my review for the night before at First Avenue for more thorough band info. All I have to say is I am so happy I decided to buy the tix to the Turf Club too. It was more intimate, I was 2nd row, the sound was fantastic and not stupidly loud either. Run Westy was tight, had a nice and clear sound and there were dual cameos from the legendary Grant Hart, which were very special. Grant did a mini-set to open for them and he also later joined the band on vocals for their classic spirited sing-along "Heaven's not that far away" which had the crowd singing loudly. They rocked, plain and simple, and the venue was pretty sweet too. Would love to see them there again, or any place for that matter. Run Westy has tons of postivre energy and had us dancing all night. 5 Stars!!!!

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