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130 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ, 85004, US

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Valley Bar, a concert venue in Phoenix
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  • Violetta
    Violetta reviewed: Whilk & Misky @ Valley Bar

    Phoenix Arizona , June 18 I could not wait to see my favorite duo perform live . I listened to them for over a year but this was the first time to see them perform live . I showed up early in Valley Bar and I was listening to DJ Hooker while observing the people around me . It seemed to me that 80 % of the people present there never heard of Whilk & Misky and they did not know what to except, crowd seemed uninterested, unengaged and uncharged, but that changed in one second when Whilk & Misky stepped on a stage. It was sudden thrilling excitement . After the first song they performed “ Get what you want “ - the crowd was bewitched . The whole room started swinging enjoying the performance -Whilk & Misky delivered what their name promised , originality and sensuality . Misky mentioned when they performed Rain Dance in few cities before Phoenix they brought rain to those cities , they did not bring rain to Phoenix but definitely they took this desert city by storm. Rain Dance is exhilarating. I am naturally calm and composed , and I stayed seated most of the time but I got up and danced when they sang Clap your hands , the whole room was jumping , people could not control their excitement nor their feet , and we all followed closely instructions : “ Stomp your feet , everybody just bounce to the beats , stomp your feet , feel the thump of the ground underneath .” After the last song they wished us good night but Misky asked Whilk to perform one more- unreleased “ All by myself “ which was greeted with an enormous cheer by the crowd . For me personally Misky's voice is like pouring honey in your ears , and that is how you would describe Misky's voice : like you would describe honey , but not cheap commercially produced honey in plastic packaging but limited exotic and of premium quality honey packaged in crystal glass container : 100 % certified organic , energy packed , unfiltered , uncooked , pure unpasteurized , true raw state from the hive , a purely sweet and delightful pleasure .

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