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601 F Street NW, Washington, DC, 20004, US +1(202) 628-3200

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Verizon Center, a concert venue in Washington
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  • Joette
    Joette reviewed: The King's Men @ Verizon Center

    This show was awesome! We would like to see again.

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  • luis
    luis reviewed: Foo Fighters @ Verizon Center

    What a show. Dave is the man. He is a pure rock star. Not one not two but three hour's of pure energy. I just hope that he comes back home to D.C. again and soon.

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  • Kevin
    Kevin reviewed: Van Halen @ Verizon Center

    Though now 2 yrs. old, I distinctly remember how great they sounded. Hearing all the old classics pre-Hagar was such a treat. No disrespect to the Hagar era but let's face it, VH is VH with Roth and I can;t wait to see them again - without Anthony is just fine too. Let's go VH, time for another show!

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  • gabby
    gabby reviewed: Justin Bieber @ Verizon Center

    please come i love you !!!

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