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111 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90012, US +1(323) 850-2000

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Walt Disney Concert Hall, a concert venue in Los Angeles

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  • russell
    russell reviewed: Liza Minnelli @ Walt Disney Concert Hall

    We are long time fans of Liza, and I mean, 41 years worth. It is almost always wonderful to see her perform and this show was no different. This was a show for fans of Liza. It was wonderful to hear and see her perform some of her old songs and some new ones too. It is hard to describe the connection she has with her audience, it is so powerful. She was so wonderfully engaged with all the audience, even the ones behind the musicians. Her comfort on stage makes her performance even better as it feels so intimate and her song selection and delivery so wonderfully moving. For those who are critical of her voice, stamina, or whatever, I can only say, who among us is as we were forty years ago, not to mention all her medical challenges. My hat is off to her that she chooses to still perform as we are the lucky ones to be able to hear her, to enjoy her and to love what she does like no one else can.

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  • gavin
    gavin reviewed: Selena Gomez @ Walt Disney Concert Hall

    tell me when your going to do a concert in disneyland

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